What Is Conscious Creation? Be The Conscious Creator Of Your Dreams

What we are right now is the cumulative consequences of our past deeds, choices we made, thoughts, and beliefs that we have accumulated. Isn’t it? 

If so, then it means we write our fate, and we are the creators of our destiny. 


But unfortunately, this life-forming process is done unconsciously by most people, and that’s why they have no control over their fate, and then they blame the universe or God instead of themselves. 

We all want to live a life of our choices where what we ask for will be manifested and what we order will arrive. In order to do so, We have to learn the art of conscious creation

What Is Conscious Creation? 

Conscious creation means consciously directing and organizing yourself in a way to manifest your desires or create the life you want. In this, you choose one intention and constantly put effort into making it happen. By the way, conscious creation utilizes the Law of Attraction in your favor. 

With conscious creation, you can manifest success in your business, attract your dream car, person, or anything that resonates with your vibrational frequency.

Trust me, everyone wants to become a conscious creator of their lives; I mean, who doesn’t like to create freedom in life instead of just being a slave to life.

But before you know how to become a conscious creator. Let’s understand how conscious creation works and how it can benefit you

How Does Conscious Creation Work? 

Many of us know the Law of attraction, Like energy attracts like, what you give you receive, what you put out you get back, and what you feel you attract. 

What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create.


Similarly, in conscious creation, you make conscious choices of your required actions, thoughts (mindset), and feelings to raise your vibration and radiate the energy of your intention. 

Thus, consciously created energy attracts like energy, and over time what you have sent in the universe gets back to you. Same as If you send positive feeling (Love) to someone, you also feel the same (Love) in yourself, or if you send the fire of anger to someone, you first have to burn in that fire. 

Apply Conscious Creation To Manifest Your Dream

Apply Conscious Creation To Manifest Your Dream

Let’s see how you can practically apply the conscious creation technique step by step to manifest anything. 

Step-1) Decide what you want

The very First step to plan your destination is to decide where you want to go. It’s the foundation of your future creation or manifestation.  

So, firstly, identify your intention (goal) in detail and clearly decide where you want to position yourself in the upcoming future. 

I want you to write down your wish or goal in your diary with the exact number, date, name, and address.

For example, If you want financial freedom, then write:

  • I will establish my successful business before 31st December 2026
  • I will invest $500,000 in real estate (or whatever) before 31st December 2026
  • My business and investment will give me $50,000 amount every month passively
  • In order to make this happen, I am ready to devote 2 hours every day

This way, you have to clarify your intention and make a possible game plan accordingly. 

The man who knows just what he wants in life has already gone a long way toward attaining it.

Napoleon Hill

Then you have to place this game plan in your room, where you can see it daily. 

Step-2) Devote yourself for that purpose

Devote yourself

To achieve your dream, you have to invest time and energy. 

So be ready to put effort and time into your purpose by believing in yourself. 

If you believe in yourself, anything is possible

Miley Cyrus 

Also, during this conscious creation journey, you are countered by your own past, limiting beliefs, and mindset that you have to knock them down without giving up.

However, If you simply stick to your intention with faith in yourself, every obstacle will pass away.  

Believe you can, and you are halfway there.

Theodore Roosevelt 

Step-3) Practice manifestation technique 

Manifestation techniques are the rituals that activate the Law of attraction and take us closer to the manifestation of our dreams.

Also, these techniques raise your vibrational energy and reprogram your subconscious mind to make the conscious creation happen. 

Here’re the following manifestation techniques:

  1. Visualization Meditation
  2. Vision board technique 
  3. Intention journaling 
  4. Gratitude journaling OR scripting 
  5. Auto-suggesting OR Affirming 
  6. Letter to your future self 
  7. 55X5 method Or 22×2 Method
  8. Acting as if

To read more about these techniques, follow ModernDayManifestation.com 

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Choose one or more such techniques you are most comfortable with and practice them regularly until you get what you are yearning for.

Cultivate that technique in your routine and develop a habit of it. 

Step-4) Get in a gratitude state 

Anywhere during the day, consciously think about your intent and stay in a state of Gratitude and abundance as if your intention has been already fulfilled. 

See, Gratitude is an emotion, and emotion is an energy in motion that attracts like energy. Hence, Gratitude works as a stimulus that intensifies your thought of intention and increases its vibrational energy.

This way, you can be a goal conscience and allow your life energy to flow in the direction for manifesting that goal. 

Thus with the daily practice of Gratitude, you can speed up your manifestation process and strongly attract the physical equivalence of your desire. 

Grateful Heart Is A Magnet For Miracles.

Step-5) Visualize


When you have free time, Focus your mind on visualizing your dream as if it has become your reality. 

Visualize a picture of yourself enjoying and living in the reality of your dream like daydreaming with a purpose.  

When you visualize, you generate positive thoughts and feelings of having it now. The Law of Attraction then returns that dream into a reality as you saw in your mind. 

Hold the picture of yourself long and steady enough in your mind’s eyes and you will be drawn toward it

Heapolina Hill

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Step-6) Take necessary action 

This is a decisive step of your conscious creation journey to convert your dream into a physical equivalence reality. 

For instance, your desire is to get a six-figure job, and you have applied all LOA techniques, Here the final decisive step from your side is to go for a job interview and give your best, until you don’t go for an interview, the universe can’t manifest your reality. 

So, never step back when you need to take the necessary steps to shape your reality. 

Dreams are just dreams until you take ACTION, And Action is the fundamental key to all success.

How To Create Anything Consciously?

Create Anything Consciously

In order to manifest or create something, 

First, you must be clear about what you want in life, precisely note down your intention in detail. 

Second, commit to yourself; no matter what will happen or what challenges will come, I will strive for my dream with absolute faith in myself and the universe. 

Third, when any external or internal impediment comes to your mind, recognize it as a distraction (enemy) and immediately expel it without contemplating or empowering it. 

Once you are committed to your goal without letting any impediment overpowering you, your mind gets organized. 

Once your mind gets organized and directed towards your goal. The way you think, the way you feel.

Once you can think and feel in the same direction, your energy gets organized (the thoughts and feelings are the impulses of the life energy)

Once your life energy gets organized, it attracts the like energy from the universe, and slowly it takes the physical form. 

This way, by consciously organizing your mind, you may create the reality of your dream. 

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Are You A Conscious Creator?

In order to identify that you are a conscious creator or not, ask yourself the following questions. 

  • Am I living a fulfilled life?
  • Am I happy with what I have?
  • Can I achieve what I set?
  • Do I have any future vision or dream?
  • Do I trust myself and the universe (God)?
  • Do I educate myself daily? 
  • Am I ready to take action to achieve my dream?

If the answers to these questions are positive, then you are a conscious creator to some extend. 

But wait,

If you are not a conscious creator, don’t worry, the majority of people fall under this category, and no one is born with this ability. 

However, when you start working on yourself, you start becoming a creator of your reality. 

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Traits Of Conscious Creator

1) Focused 

Conscious creators are focused on their goals and consistently make hard work to achieve their goals. 

They face challenges boldly and alleviate all distractions that come between their mission.

2) Open of change

They accept new ideologies and people that align with their intentions.

They are always ready to adopt new mindsets and beliefs to create growth in their lives. 

3) Action takers

They gather specific knowledge about their goals and execute them as early as possible. 

Because they know that success comes from taking action not merely by dreaming or thinking. 

4) Self-believers 

They believe in themselves and their abilities. Also, they have faith in their actions and in the universe that what they set on, they will receive. 

5) Emotionally strong 

Conscious creators have the ability to control their emotions and the external influences of people who try to put them down. 

Also, they have learned the art of responding instead of reacting to unexpected situations. 

6) Stubborn 

They are desperate to achieve what they want, and for that, they may avoid pain, pleasures, and people who have no concern with their goals. 

Also, they are ready to make personal sacrifices to manifest their dreams. 

9) Visionary 

They always have future planning for themselves and consistently work on them. 

They do not believe in get quick rich scheme or temporary success; instead, they set visionary goals and break them into actional steps and consistently work on them.  

These are some common qualities that most conscious creators preserved. These traits represent the positive and abundance mindset of conscious creators.

How To Become A Better Conscious Creator?

Believe me, every human being wants to be the creators of their lives, but most don’t even know that this could be possible, and some don’t know the way out. 

However, by following some daily practices and disciples, you may change your perception and drive your life in the way you want.

The following disciples and daily practices may make you a better conscious creator.

1) Identify what is holding you back

The biggest obstacles on the manifestation journey are your own negative beliefs, mindset, and compulsive behaviors. 

You are your biggest enemy. It is your negative thoughts that hold you back, Nothing else.

Leon Brown 

So, it is important to identify what limits you and how to overcome them. 

To identify what is holding you back, develop self-awareness, notice your thoughts and feelings when they trigger you. 

Also, when any impediment triggers you, don’t contemplate on it; instead, engage your mind on the positive outcomes of your dream. 

See, what is possible and impossible is not your business; it is nature’s business; your business is to strive for what you want. 

We always have the choice to think positive or negative, so why we poke ourselves by thinking and feeling negative of us.  

2) Consciously organize your mind

In order to organize your mind and reality, develop self-awareness, observe your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors before you give any reaction to them. 

Once you are self-aware, you can consciously direct your thoughts in the way you want and control your mind. 

Also, with self-awareness, you can choose which thought or emotion to keep and what to kick off. Thus it gives you access to change your thinking and way of behaving.

Another way of self-organization is through auto-suggestion. 

You can practice auto-suggestion using affirmations to sow the seeds of positivity and abundance into your mind.

3) Develop faith in yourself and the universe

“Feed Your Faith & Fears Will Starve To Death”

Faith is necessary for manifesting your dreams, and it strengthens you to face challenges in the journey of conscious creation. 

Infinite faith and strength are the only conditions of success.

Swami Vivekananda

To develop faith in yourself and the universe or god, you should practice auto-suggestion daily twice a day. 

4) Live in NOW

Wherever your mind wanders away in past memories or future worries and creates suffering for you, consciously bring it back in the present moment and engage it in your doing; this is called Mindfulness.

You may ask, how living in NOW makes me a better conscious creator? 

Well, Nothing is powerful than NOW, because when you live in the present moment, you are FREE from past impressions and future worries also, you have the power to control your mind and consciously direct it towards new creation. 

Also, trying to live in the present moment will improve your concentration power and ability to control negative emotions. 

So, focus on the present moment (present reality) and not let your past or future empower you. 

5) Visualize

You should do visualization meditation daily to raise your vibration to attract like energy.

Visualization works most powerfully when you realize that it is already a reality on an unseen level and It’s already there.

Eckhart Tolle

So, in meditation, visualize and live your dream life as if you have already got what you want.

Also, adding the corresponding emotion in the visualization process works wonderfully well for conscious creators.

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6) Live with the feeling of abundance

For the rest of the day, you should live with a sense of abundance and positivity because it attracts positive energy and creates peace, happiness, love, confidence within you. 

With these good feelings in your heart, you become synced with the universe and connect with divine power. 

By applying these 6 steps in your life, you may create the reality of your choice and become a conscious creator. 

Bottom Line

Conscious creation is a way of organizing yourself and directing your life in a way to fulfill your intent or dream. 

In this, you take the necessary steps to get what you want and work the law of attraction in your favor.

In order to create consciously, First, decide what you want. Second, commit and devote yourself to that purpose. Third, practice manifestation techniques and visualization daily. Forth, always stay in gratitude and abundance. And Finally, take decisive actions to manifest your dream into reality. 

With conscious creation, life will no longer stay a burden for you; rather, you live fulfilled life of your choice. 

I hope you all live the life of your dreams by consciously manifesting your desires. 

ALL The Best and Keep Manifesting. 

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