How To Meditate To Manifest Anything – Manifestation Meditation Guide

The Law of Attraction says; that what you focus on and where you invest your energy will manifest in your life. 

That means what you think, what you feel, and what you do will eventually turn into a physical reality.

This Law of attraction pervades everywhere in the universe, just like the Law of gravity. It affects everyone and Everything.

However, as conscious beings, we can direct this Law of attraction to work in our favor with the help of some techniques. 

So, Today, In this article, we will discuss one of the most powerful Law of Attraction technique called Manifestation Meditation

But before we dive deep in,

Let’s understand How the Law of attraction works? and How to Manifest?

What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.


How to Manifest Anything?

See, there are 4 fundamental aspects of your life: Body, Mind, Emotion, and Energy. 

Where energy is the subtlest aliment that pervades everywhere with the Law of like energy attracts like energy. 

Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.


In order to manifest something, we first have to organize our minds by positively thinking and contemplating about our dream and not creating a negative impairment to our thinking. 

If we can pay enough attention to our goals with the stability in thoughts and reverberation in our thought process, our minds get organized. (This is called the conscious thinking process)

Once our mind gets organized, the way we think, the way we feel, so our emotions get organized. And emotions are the energy in motion.

So once our emotions get organized, our fundamental life energy gets organized and matches with the frequency of our intention. 

Now, these synchronized thoughts, emotions, energy, and frequency attract people, situations, and opportunities into our life in line with our intention. Then by taking action at the right time, we can convert our dreams in reality. 

This way, we can manifest anything by simply directing our mind from a compulsive state of thinking to a conscious state of thinking alliance with our intention. 

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In order to settle and organize our mind, we have an exceptionally beneficial technique called Meditation. 

Although, researches have proved many benefits of Meditation, including enhancing brain functioning and emotional well-being. 

So, Let’s see How Meditation helps manifest your dreams.

How To Meditate To Manifest (6-Step Guide)

The following 5 steps Meditation For Manifestation will activate the Law of attraction in your favor and may create the reality you want.

Step-1) Be Relaxed And Take Position 

Before you start Meditation, alleviate all distractions and Isolate yourself in a quiet room. 

Then sit in crossed leg meditation posture with spine comfortably erect and eyes closed. (Use a zabuton cushion or meditation chair for more stable and comfortable seat).

However, if you can’t sit in a meditation posture, sit on a chair by keeping your feet flat on the floor with your back straight. 

Having the ease in Meditation will let you go deeper into the practice and make your manifestation process easy. 

Step-2) Concentrate Your Mind

Before you strive to manifest your desires, you should make your mind sharp and focused because the focused mind is far more powerful than a scattered mind. 

To concentrate your mind, practice mindful breathing or control breathing for 3-5 minutes. 

Mentally see your breathing process and notice the sensations happening in your nose when breath comes in and out or notice your belly movement expanding and contrasting. 

However, you can also practice control breathing by slowly taking deep breaths in from the nose and out from the mouth. 

Remember, In between this Meditation, don’t open your eyes; otherwise, you may lose the concentration of your mind. 

If any thought arises in your mind, let it come and go. 

And when your attention is carried away by thoughts, gently bring it back to the practice without being frustrated or annoyed. 

Be kind to your monkey whenever it gets wandered. 

Once your mind becomes still and calm, proceed to the next step. 

Step-3) Use Affirmations

Affirmations are the best way to saw the seed of positivity in your mind. This eventually sets a positive mindset and breaks the limiting beliefs that held you back. 

Also, affirmations work as stimuli that activate your brain and establish a deep connection to the higher self. 

So, First, define your intentions and choose specific affirmations that align with your desires. 

Here are the examples of affirmations that you can use in your Meditation. 

List of common Affirmations:

  • I love myself and everyone around me
  • I am thankful for what I have
  • I have got more than I deserve
  • Universe fulfill My every wish

Money and prosperity affirmations:

  • I am a money magnet
  • I have multiple income sources 
  • Money comes to me from every direction
  • I am living a lavish lifestyle 
  • I am wealthy, and people around me are wealthy

Emotional affirmations: 

  • I love myself 
  • I love my partner, family, friends, pet, and everyone in this world
  • My heart always radiates love and kindness
  • I see positivity everywhere around me
  • I am open to giving and receiving love from everyone

Likewise, as per your manifestation goal, you may create your own version of affirmations. 

OK, Now you are ready to deploy affirmations in Meditation. 

Recite these affirmations in your mind and repeat them for 10-15 minutes with corresponding feelings and clear visualization. 

This will reprogram your subconscious mind and transmit the vibration of your desires into this universe which eventually helps you manifest your goals.

Step-4) Visualize Your Desires


Once you have planted the seed of your desire using affirmations, it’s time to nurture it with the corresponding emotion and visualization. 

Now, in your meditative state, visualize your goal as if you have already achieved it.

Make your visualization as clear as possible, and Visualize How did you celebrate, How did you feel, and What changes came to your life after you have accomplished your goal. 

When you visualize your desire, make sure you cultivate the corresponding emotion, too, because emotion is an energy in motion that radiates in the universe and attracts the same energy from the universe. 

Now you may ask how?

In order to understand this, there is one quote from Tesla saying that “To find the secret of this universe think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Everything in the universe is made up of energy that vibrates at a certain frequency, and that energy and frequency can be access through our emotions. 

Happiness, joy, love, pride, amusement, contentment, satisfaction, anger, hate, envy, fear, and many more all are the same energy that vibrates at different frequencies.

So when you feel happy, love, pleasantness, abundance, or whatever for a certain period without creating impairment, you give shape to your life energy with a frequency of emotion. That energy attracts similar energy from the universe, and then over the time, it takes physical shape and starts getting manifested into your life.

Step-5) Express Gratitude 

After heightening the vibration of your desire in step -4, Now, Express Gratitude as if you have already received your demands. 

In your Manifestation Meditation, be thankful and give all credit to the universe for fulfilling your desire. 

For instance, If you want a dream car then follows the following gratitude statements:

  • I am thankful for having X car in my garage 
  • I am really fortunate that the universe has made my dream true
  • I feel grateful while dring my X car

Gratitude is a positive emotion, the more you perceive it, the more you feel stimulated, abundant, and dream conscious. This way, most of the time, you attract the energy of your dream. 

When you treat your dreams as if you have already achieved them, your subconscious mind gets hijacked and believes your dreams as a reality.

Once your brain (subconscious mind) gets reprogrammed in line with your intent, you become goal conscious and receptive to attract like energy from the universe. 

Step-6) Let’s End This Meditation

This is an optional step which you may do in your way. 

Here, I have listed some activities which you can follow to end your Manifestation Meditation.

  • Rub your palms for a few seconds, put them on your face, and visualize them as a divine blessing. 
  • Sit for few minutes and visualize that the divine is blessing you. 
  • Chant AUM mantra for a few minutes.

This way, you can end this LOA meditation by following 1 to 6 steps. 

This Meditation includes all those steps to flex the Law of attraction in your favor, so keep practicing it regularly until you get what you are looking for. (You may try these Guided Meditations to manifest your desires)

Remember, you have to meditate daily and follow some rules to manifest your dreams. 

Please understand, The Law of attraction is not a magical woo woo that instantly makes your dreams come true; instead, it takes time, consistent efforts, and total faith. 

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How Often Should You Do Manifestation Meditation?

To manifest your dream soon, practice manifestation meditation daily twice a day. The best time for Meditation is after waking up and before going to bed. 

Because at the time of sleep to wake and wake to sleep state, your subconscious mind becomes more receptive, so it’s the best time to sow a seed of your dream and hand over your desire to the higher self. 

How Long Should You Do Manifestation Meditation? 

Meditate as long as you are comfortable. You can do manifestation meditation from 3 min. to 30 min, or more. There is no fit for all answers to this question. 

However, if you are new to Meditation, Meditation may seem difficult to you. So, in that case, start from a short meditation session and gradually increase the length of the session according to your convenience. 

Remember that consistent and serious manifestation meditation practice will only take you closer to your dream day by day.

In order to speed up your manifestation process, you should adopt the following practices in your routine. 

Manifestation Practices Apart From Meditation 

You should practice the following rituals throughout the day to manifest your dreams as soon as possible. 

1) Clear Your Intent

The very first step of your success is to have a clear list of dreams and specific goals. 

Merely saying I want to be successful, I want lots of money, or I want a dream partner is not enough. This may not take you anywhere because you are not even clear about what you want in life. 

Instead, define your goal or dream with a specific date, specific number or amount, specific person, and specific action plan. 

Also, you can clear your intent by asking yourself questions such as how many, how much, when, from where what way, etc. 

Such clarity will direct the Law of Attraction in your favor for the physical Manifestation of your goal.

2) Be Goal Conscious 

Keep remembering your dream many times during the day and live your day in such a way that you already have achieved it. 

When you are free, think about your dreams and heighten your vibration through any manifestation technique. 

This will develop an awareness and reprogram your subconscious mind to manifest your goal in the real world. 

3) Take Action 

When you take, your virtual dream takes a physical shape and becomes your reality. 

So, Don’t miss any opportunity and take Action, do hard work, make a team, or whatever to Manifest your goals. 

Also, Be strong, solve problems, and face challenges that come on your way. 

4) Have A Faith

Remember, the Law of attraction or Manifestation works for people who have faith in themselves and believe that the universe will give them what they ask. 

The infinite faith and strength are the only conditions of success. 

Swami Vivekananda

So keep the faith and not let impairment ruin your intention. 

LOA will work or not is not your business; it’s nature’s business; your business is to strive for what you want without focusing on outcomes.

If any negative thought comes in your mind about your goal, then let it comes and go or immediately replace it with the positive one. 

The more faith you have in the universe, the sooner you will start manifesting your dream. 

Meditation Creates Conscious Life

1) Makes you concentrate 

It is scientifically proven that Meditation increases concentration and lengthens the attention span. 

The power of concentration is the only key to the treasure-house of knowledge.

Swami Vivekananda

With the improved focus, you can easily visualize your goals and shape your life energy to align with your dreams. 

2) Improves your self-awareness 

Self-aware means you become more conscious in your doing, thinking, feeling, behaving, and almost every activity of your life. 

With this increased self-awareness, you no longer become a slave to your habits, thoughts, and emotions and can radically shift your life from a compulsive state of action to a conscious state of creation. 

By the way, it is scientifically proven that regular practice of Meditation may increase self-awareness and reduce negative thoughts and feelings. 

When you are self-aware, you have better control over your thoughts and emotions and can literally choose which thoughts and feelings to keep and what to pass off. 

Thus, with increased self-awareness, you can alleviate all impairment thoughts and beliefs that held you back for manifesting your dream. 

3) Increases abundant emotions

One research study concluded that Meditation and Mindfulness might attenuate thoughts that emphasize negativity but not those that emphasize positivity (Source: NCBI).

So, if you meditate daily, you may experience less negative thoughts that hinder your manifestation process and consciously think positively that resonate with your goal. 

4) Promotes neuroplasticity 

Neuroplasticity indicates the plastic or molding nature of the brain in adapting to new changes or changes in old behavior patterns. 

The researchers found that hundreds of hours of meditation practice may increase the plastic nature of our brains. 

The more plastic one’s brain is, the more it is receptive to new ideas, changes, or habits. 

Thus, Meditation may positively reshape our negative beliefs and thinking patterns that resist possible manifestation.

5) Take you to Alpha State 

With Meditation, You reach a peaceful, relaxed, and receptive Alpha state of Mind. 

In this alpha state, what you focus on or visualize is captured by your Mind and handed over to your subconscious Mind. 

And once your subconscious Mind believes and starts working on that information, your job is done. 

6) Boost Creativity 

An article published on Harvard Business Review highlighted that Meditation may induce creative thought and increase Creativity. 

In other words, Meditation may develop the intuitive faculty that eventually guide you in your manifesting journey. 

When you regularly practice Meditation, your connection with the higher self (divine) gets strengthened, and you receive divine guidance that always takes you in the right direction. 

Practical Application of Manifestation Meditation

LOA Manifestation Meditation Guide

Let’s practice and apply the manifestation meditation to attract your goal from different areas of life. 

Manifestation Meditation Guide to Attract Wealth 

  • Go to a quiet space and cut all distractions
  • Sit in crossed leg meditation posture or on chair, use cushion for more stable and comfortable seat
  • Make your back comfortably straight and close your eyes
  • Now pay close attention to your breathing and notice the breath going in and out (Focus on breathing for 3-5 minutes)
  • Now repeat the following affirmations 3 times with clear visualization and corresponding sentiment. 
    • The universe always gives me what I ask 
    • I earn X amount of money every month/year (Put your goal instead of X)
    • I am rich 
    • I am wealthy
    • I have X sources of income 
    • I am abundant
    • I help people who need money 
    • I am blessed with continuous flow of money 
    • I am often surrounded by rich and abundant people 
    • The universe always bestows prosperity and abundance on me
  • Now visualize and feel yourself as if you already have manifested your desires
    • Check your bank account loaded with X amount of money
    • Visualize yourself walking into the dream house 
    • Visualize yourself driving a lavish car 
    • Visualize the money shower on you
    • Visualize yourself donating X amount of money in charity 
  • Go deep inside this visualization with the absolute clarity and corresponding feeling (Visualize for 10-15 minutes or more)
  • Now express the sentiment of gratitude as if the universe has already given what you asked (Do this for 2-3 minutes)
  • Now end this Meditation by chanting the mantra “AUM” for 1-2 minutes

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Manifestation Meditation Guide to Attract Health and Well-being

  • Move to a quiet space and alleviate all distractions
  • Sit in crossed leg meditation posture or on the chair with spine comfortably erect eyes closed
  • Now pay close attention to your breathing and notice the breath going in and out (Focus on breathing for 3-5 minutes)
  • Now repeat the following affirmations 3 times with clear visualization and corresponding feeling. 
    • The universe always gives me what I ask 
    • I always eat healthy food
    • My body is in perfect shape
    • I am healthy and fit 
    • I am always in a state of peace, love, happiness, and gratitude
    • I have a positive and abundant mindset
    • My heart is always open for giving love and compassion 
  • Now visualize and feel yourself as if you already have manifested your desires
    • Visualize your body in perfect shape 
    • Feel your masculine body
    • Visualize yourself doing exercise and daily workout
    • Feel love and compassion for yourself and others
    • Visualize yourself spreading happiness and positivity around you
  • Go deep inside this visualization with the absolute clarity and corresponding feeling (Visualize for 10-15 minutes or more)
  • Now express the sentiment of gratitude as if the universe has already given what you asked (Do this for 2-3 minutes)
  • Now end this Meditation by chanting the mantra “AUM” for 1-2 minutes

Manifestation Meditation Guide to Attract Soulmate or Specific Person

  • Move to a quiet space and disconnect all distractions
  • Sit in crossed leg posture or on the chair with spine comfortably erect and eyes closed
  • Now pay close attention to your breathing and notice inhalation and exhalation (Focus on breathing for 3-5 minutes)
  • Now repeat the following affirmations 3 times with clear visualization and corresponding feeling. 
    • The universe always gives me what I ask 
    • I trust the universe to give me give me my perfect match 
    • My heart is open to giving and receiving love
    • I am worthy and deserving a love from X person/Soulmate
    • There is an unbreakable bond between me and my soulmate
    • The more I love myself the more I attract my soulmate
    • Me and X are made for each other
  • Now visualize and feel yourself as if you already have manifested your desires
    • Picture partner in detail
    • Visualize your first gathering 
    • Visualize yourself spending good time and sharing relationship goals with your soulmate or dream person
    • Visualize your dream date and feel as its real 
  • Go deep inside this visualization with the absolute clarity and corresponding feeling (Visualize for 10-15 minutes or more)
  • Now express the gratitude as if the universe has already given what you asked (Do this for 2-3 minutes)
  • Now end this Meditation by saying, “Day by day, moment by moment, we are getting closer, closer and closer.”

Possible Challenges in Manifestation Meditation 

Face challenges

Some may say that manifestation only includes thinking, visualizing, and feeling. And that’s true. 

However, there are some challenges that you have to face in order to keep yourself motivated and stick on track during your manifestation journey. 

Let’s see those possible challenges and how to tackle them when you step into manifestation meditation. 

1) Can’t Meditate

For many people, Meditation is hard in the beginning, but after a few weeks of practice, it becomes a boon for them. 

Starting Meditation is the same as building a muscle or developing a new skill on which you haven’t worked yet. So, It’s normal if you find it challenging. 

The solution to this problem is practice, patience, and persistence. 

With consistent practice and faith in yourself, soon you will progress in manifestation meditation and notice positive changes in yourself. 

2) Mind Wandering 

When somehow you start Meditation, the next challenge you will face is unnecessary Mind wandering.  

You may not be able to focus your Mind on one subject for few seconds. And sometimes it will go on a long trip without you knowing. 

However, It’s completely fine. 

And don’t get frustrated or annoyed, when your Mind wanders away. Instead, be kind to your monkey mind and allow it whatever it does. 

The solution to this challenge is to keep yourself engage in manifestation meditation as much as possible and allow any thought to come and go. Also, you can also set internal timers to remind your Mind to stay on the practice. 

3) Can’t visualize clearly 

It is possible that when you try to visualize, you may end up thinking unclear pictures of your dream. 

But, don’t lose hope and keep visualizing your dream. This is the only way to improve the skill of visualization. 

4) Not having faith

It’s OK if you have no faith in the universe or you don’t believe in the Law of attraction. 

In this case, Intimate yourself intellectually and contemplate that you trust in the universe and the law of attraction. 

No matter what you feel, but don’t drop your manifestation practice. 

Practice, patience, and persistence are the key to every challenge. 

Bottom Line

You can active the Law of attraction through manifestation meditation. 

Manifestation meditation includes 5 steps:

  1. Relaxing and making yourself comfortable 
  2. Focusing your attention
  3. Repeating affirmations with clear visualization and corresponding feeling
  4. Visualizing your goal as if you have already achieved it (with corresponding sentiments)
  5. Expensing gratitude like your dreams come true

You should practice manifestation daily twice a day. 

Also, follow the above-mentioned practices (rituals) in order to speed up and ensure your manifestation goals.

Once you walk on the journey of manifestation, the universe will test your faith and resolution by throwing challenges on you. That you have to encounter with practice, persistence, and patience. 

I hope you may live your dream life and your longings come true as soon as possible. 

Best wishes for your future 👍

And don’t forget to share your thought and experience regarding this manifestation meditation.

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