Guided Law Of Attraction Manifestation Meditation Script

The following manifestation meditation script includes the practice of mental relaxation, auto-suggestion, visualization, and gratitude practice.

Also, it will activate the law of attraction in your favor and help to increase your vibrational frequency to attract people, things, desired situations, and opportunities into your life.

So without further ado, 

Let’s Meditate to Manifest

The LOA Manifestation Meditation Script


I want you to clear your mind for a moment and come with me on a beautiful manifestation journey of your dream. 

Wherever you may be seated or supported by the wall, 

Just close your eyes and bring your awareness within, 

And thanks yourself for showing up today and taking this time for your well-being.

Now slowly breathing in and out through the mouth, 

Feeling every sensation of your breath.

Center your body with every breath you take. 

Once again, Inhale deep, and as you exhale, not only release the air but every feeling and moment that has been weighing you down today. 

Let go of all tension, worry, anger, and frustration.

Let them release with every breath coming out of you. 

Sink deeper and deeper into this beautiful presence of inner stillness and peace. 

Feel the subtle vibrations happening all over your body. 

Take another deep breath in and slowly out by releasing the tension from the body. 

Now, remember your divine nature and true essence that,

You are love; you are peace; you are powerful, awake, and free.

You came to this earth with a light to shine.

So it’s time to shine,

Always remember that you are a divine entity, and you are guided and protected by the divine power within you. 

Now repeat some affirmations with me,

  • The divine always help me to thrive in life
  • I am powerful, and all strengths are within me
  • I am the creator of my destiny
  • What I desire comes to me 
  • What I feel attracts me 
  • What I think happens to me 
  • What I visualize unfolds to me
  • The universe always return to what I want 
  • I am grateful for living the life of my dream  

With that being said, take a deep breath in visualizing a thing, person, or situation that you want to manifest. 

And breath out, believing you will receive it soon. 

Again, Visualize that same thing in detail as clear as possible. 

[10sec Pause]

Now I want you to keep that image steady in your mind and cultivate the feeling of receiving your desire. 

[10sec Pause]

Visualize yourself celebrating the success of receiving your desired thing or person. 

[10sec Pause]

Imagine what changes happen in your life after your dream comes true.

[10sec Puase]

It is okay if you can’t visualize or feel clearly for now.

As you practice this meditation daily, you will acquire that ability too. 

Believe in yourself and the universe that your dream will become your reality. 

The universe is so kind that it gives more than you deserve. 

Remember that you are protected and powered by the divine universe. 

And all your wishes are taken care of. 

Now, I want you to express gratitude towards the universe in a way that it has already fulfilled your desire. 


  • I am grateful for having such an amazing life 
  • The universe has always been kind to me
  • I am thankful for receiving desired thing or person in my life

Now, slowly come back to your breath.

Breathing in gently and slowly, bringing your awareness to your heart, your body.

Stay here for as long as you need,

Gently open your eyes whenever you’re ready to finish practice, from my heart to yours with all of my love and gratitude.

Namaste 🙏

Dear Universe: 200 Mini-Meditations

Guided Meditation to Manifest What You Want in life

In this unique Manifestation Meditation, Master Sri Akarshana will teach you how to open a portal of the future dimension from your third eye chakra. 

He will guide you to visualize your intention into that portal by filling Love, gratitude, and excitement into every cell of your body. 

In the end, you will be told to express gratitude for your desires as if they have become a reality. 

This feeling of gratitude will increase your brain frequency and shape your future according to your desire. 

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You have come too far, so I guess, you are pretty serious about Manifestation Meditation and the Law of Attraction. 

So here, I want you to know the following practical steps to manifest what you are aspiring.

Manifest Anything In Just 4 Practical Steps

1) Set an intention

The man who knows just what he wants in life has already gone a long way toward attaining it.

Napoleon Hill

Defining your dream or goal is the very first step towards your manifestation journey – consider it a base of manifestation building. 

Your manifestation goal should be clearly bounded by a definite date, time, amount, etc.

Write down your dream precisely on paper and stick it on the wall, desk, and everywhere in the house. 

You can also make a vision board or dream diary by putting pictures of your dream. 

2) Believe 

Once you have defined your dream, now, it’s time to believe it. 

Believe you can, and you are halfway there.

Develop faith in yourself and the universe that it will fulfill your dream, and you will receive what you are aspiring to. 

However, in the beginning, having less or no faith in your dream is totally normal. 

When you start practicing manifestation meditation and taking actions towards your dream, you will develop faith in yourself as well as for your dream. 

You can practice Auto-suggestion using positive affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind for confidence and a positive mindset. 

3) Visualize and Contemplate 

What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you visualize you create.


Every day thinks and visualize your dream and consciously contemplate it. 

Daily practice Manifestation Meditation and apply the law of attraction technique to speed up your manifestation process. 

Also, throughout the day, try to live with positive feelings and an abundant mindset that you have already possessed what you want.

4) Take Actions

The distance between dreams and reality is called ACTION.


The manifestation meditation and LOA techniques activate the Law of Attraction in your favor and may attract people, opportunities, and situations into your life to take you closer to your dream.

But, in the end, you have to take action to convert your dream into tangible reality. 

It is like, Until you don’t prepare and go for an interview, you can’t get your dream job in a particular company. 

So, Never step back and take massive actions to accomplish your goal. 

Never Forget that You have the power to change your life at any moment. 

So, Keep Meditating and Manifesting, 

All The Best.

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