About Me

Namaste, Divine Soul

I’m Meet Patel – A Person Behind Meditation-Psyche Blog

“Arise, Awake, Stop Not Untile Your Goal It Achieved”

This is our mission statement and by the way it’s borrowed from Swami Vivekananda.

Blog “Meditation Psyche” is about meditation, mindfulness, learning beneficial habits, and breaking old compulsive behaviors.

First of all, I am not here to present myself as an expert or guru. However, I have experienced, and I have applied this wisdom that has changed my life. So I’m here to share this wisdom based upon a scientific viewpoint and little from my experiences. That’s my strong motive behind running this blog.

Let’s be close; I was also one of them struggling from other’s influences, running in a rat race without having a profound goal and definite purpose in life. Who swings between pleasers and miseries and often found sink in stress, depression, anger, envy, dogma, fear, etc.

I was an extrovert arrogant person, who found fault of others and judge them without any reason. And also, I considered myself something “special” with such a narrow attitude. Basically, I was wasting my time and energy on something that had nothing to give more than mental illness.

But I wasn’t so unlucky.

Fortunately, one day came when I found and read “Bhagavad Gita.”

It forced me to think about worldly conflicts, think about “who am I”, “why I am here”, “what’s the intangible power running this world” and imputes me to find these answers. It gave me a whole new point of view to see the world from a completely new dimension.

Thus, the story goes on, and my fate brought me to practice meditation and yoga. I made them a part of my day. Since then, I regularly practice meditation, mindfulness, and yoga.

I started practicing guided meditation and mantra meditation, and then I was looking for a profound meditation technique that could help me grow further into the inner world.

So, I ended up learning an ancient Buddhist meditation technique called “Vipassana meditation.” I attended a 10-days meditation course where I was taught this mindfulness meditation technique.

By practicing meditation for more than 5 years, Many good things came into my life and many are waiting in the future. I consider myself significantly fortunate by gaining meditation and yoga.

When a man gets more than expected, which increases from sharing, he tries to distribute that.

This world is in trouble, misery, stress, anxiety, depression, and many other negativities that could be resolved from meditation and divine wisdom.

By working on this blog, I express my gratitude to those masters who helped this world from pure knowledge.

Thanks for paying your precious attention.