9 Best Guided Meditations To Manifest Your Desires

Guided Manifestation Meditation is one of the easiest ways for beginners to practice the Law of Attraction and raise their spiritual power to manifest their wishes. 

Also, it’s the best way to reprogram your subconscious mind alliance with your goals and call help from the universe to make your desires into reality. 

I also daily practice manifestation meditation to manifest positivity and success in my life. 

And trust me, it really works when you do it right way with enough faith. 

Here in this post, I have listed 9 Best Guided Law of Attraction Meditations from YouTube that will surely help manifest your desires.

You can practice these meditations after getting up from bed and before you go to sleep. 

Note: Don’t play these meditations while driving a car or anywhere that requires your total attention because these contain relaxing music, which may make you drowsy.

1) Guided Meditation to Manifest What You Want in Life (Best Pick)

Length: 11 min.

Voice: Male

Artist: Master Sri Akarshana (He teaches people the Law of Attraction, Yoga, and spirituality) 

Theme: Visualize from the Third eye

This meditation is a unique manifestation technique because, in this, Master Sri Akarshana will teach you how to open a portal of the future dimension from your third eye chakra. 

Then he will guide you to visualize your intention into that portal by filling Love, gratitude, and excitement into every cell of your body. 

In the end, you will be told to express gratitude for your desires as if they have become a reality. 

This feeling of gratitude will increase your brain frequency and shape your future according to your desire. 

2) Morning Affirmations to Raise Your Vibrations Instantly 

Length: 5 min.

Voice: Male

Artist: Master Sri Akarshana 

Theme: Affirmations

This is one of the best affirmations meditation to begin your day with positivity, gratitude, and optimism. 

In this short meditation, Master Sri Akarshana will settle positive intension into your subconscious mind and raise its vibration to help you manifest your goals. 

He will repeat affirmations such as:

  • I am creator
  • I am positive
  • I am special
  • I am happy
  • I am confident 
  • The universe is always on my back
  • I surrender to allow and receive everything that comes my way
  • I am greatness 
  • I am calm, and everything works as it should
  • I am great, and I am abundant

Thus, these will help you manifest opportunities, Love, and positivity that comes your way.

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3) Guided Meditation For Manifestation & Success

Length: 15 min.

Voice: Female

Artist: Boho Beautiful Yoga (It’s YouTube channel for Yoga workout and challenges)

Theme: Affirmations

Actually, this manifestation meditation is a part of The Boho Beautiful 14 Days Meditation Journey. It will reconnect you with the inner stillness and make you a creator of your destiny. 

It starts with deep breathing, which makes you calm and focused for the affirmation practice. 

Then, you have to repeat the mantra “The Power is within me” from the bottom of your heart. 

However, along with this, you can visualize that you have already achieved your goals, and they have become your reality. 

It’s a simple yet potent Law of Attraction meditation. 

4) Manifestation Meditation With Powerful Visualisation

Length: 10 min.

Voice: Female

Artist: Live The Life You Love (It’s YouTube channel featuring videos of Guided Meditations, Meditation Musics, Law of Attraction, and Self-help)

Theme: Visualisation 

Before you start this meditation, clear your particular purpose and set an intention for your goal. 

In this meditation, you will be taken on a visualization journey of your desire to manifest in your life.

It will be started with a breathing exercise, and then you will be led by visualization of what you want in life, how you feel if you got it, what will happen in your surroundings, and how things will change if you manifest your goal.

After settling your emotion and energy toward your goal, you have to repeat, I am powerful, I am abundant, and I am miraculous with the feeling of gratitude. 

5) Guided Meditation for Manifesting

Length: 10 min.

Voice: Female

Artist: Great Meditation (It’s Youtube channel containing 100+ guided meditation)

Theme: Visualization

This 10 minutes meditation will give you the creative energy and build a creator mindset to manifest your dreams. 

In this, you will be asked to bring your awareness to your heart center to feel abundant, loved, and vast, then raise your vibrations by saying I AM LOVE and try to connect yourself with the source of creation. 

Then let your desires out by imaging how you feel if your desires are manifested.

In the end, express gratitude for the physical manifestation of your dreams. 

6) Guided Money Magnet Meditation

Length: 10 min.

Voice: Male

Artist: Bob Baker (He has a YouTube channel full of Guided meditations and Affirmations)

Theme: Affirmations

This 10 min. Meditation is a part of Bob Baker’s “21 Days Money and Abundance Program.”

If you want to be a money magnet to manifest money and abundance into your life, then this is a perfect meditation for you. 

Firstly, Bob will make you relax and focused with the breathing exercise. Then He will ask you to repeat the following affirmations. 

  • I vibrate with the frequency of prosperity
  • My life is an embodiment of abundance
  • I vibrate with the frequency of success
  • I see abundance everywhere
  • I vibrate with the frequency of wealth
  • I attract money 
  • I attract money-making opportunities and more

Now live your day with these feelings in your heart and be ready to receive money from an unexpected source. 

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7) Affirmations Meditation to Attract Love

Length: 13 min.

Voice: Male

Artist: Clark Kegley (He has a YouTube channel on Law of Attraction)

Theme: Affirmations

If you want to attract a love partner, soulmate, EX, or a specific person, then this manifestation meditation is perfect for you. 

If you repeat this affirmation every day for 21 days, then you may manifest that person into your life. 

First, Clark will start with deep breathing, and then he will affirm positive statements such as:

  • The partner I seek is also seeking me
  • At this very moment, we are connected
  • My partner and I are tuned to the same frequency
  • I now release every block that standing between us
  • I am making room in my life for my partner and more.

Thus, your brain will tune with the frequency of Love and allow you to manifest your partner. 

8) Manifesting Miracles Guided Meditation 

Length: 10 min.

Voice: Male

Artist: Master Sri Akarshana

Theme: Channeling and Visualization 

It’s a unique manifestation meditation that starts with a deep breathing activity and energetic music. 

In this, Master Sri Akarshana will provide a channel technique to connect yourself with the divine power or source of creation. 

Then you have to visualize your goal in front of the divine as if the divine is hearing you and seeing you. 

Present your wish with absolute clarity and with absolute certainty, and let this visual play in your mind. 

It may seem difficult at the first try, but keep practicing daily; soon, it will become easy for you. 

Another thing I like most is the background music, which is so powerful that it may raise your brain vibration and make a manifestation process easy.

Now, enjoy this beautiful meditation under the guidance of Master Sri Akarshana. 

9) Mindfulness Meditation for Manifesting Your Deepest Desires

Length: 35 min.

Voice: Female

Artist: Sara Raymond from The Mindful Movement (It’s a YouTube channel for Guided meditations and Mindfulness)

Theme: Mindfulness and visualization

Do you know, what you repeat right before you sleep will make a tone of the quality of your sleep and your mindset for the following day. 

With that being said, you can practice this meditation before sleep or in the evening. It will influence your subconscious mind and create a positive mindset to manifest your deepest desires as soon as possible. 

In this, Sara will start with the mindfulness breathing and body scan exercise to make your mind and body calm and relaxed. 

And then, she will take you on the manifestation journey through the visualization process.

These were the 9 Best Manifestation Meditations to mold your desires into your reality.

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How to practice Guided Manifestation Meditation? 

First, you have to choose one meditation as per your manifestation goal. Then practice that meditation daily after waking up in the morning and before going to sleep.

Follow all instructions with faith and not be skeptical about Law of attraction. 

Thus, every day set your intention and tune your frequency with your desires. 

Once you are done in the morning, try to stay in the abundance mindset and express positive feelings for yourself and others. This will speed up your attraction process.

Don’t be in a hurry to receive your goals. The more you keep patience, the soon they will be received. 

If any skeptical thoughts come into your mind, immediately remove them with the positive thought or feeling. 

I hope all your desires and goals would be fulfilled by the divine.

All the Best, and keep manifesting your destiny. 

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