How To Meditate To Manifest Money & Financial Freedom (Money Meditation Guide)

We have been told that earning money and attaining financial freedom is not so easy, and only some extraordinary people can do so. 

However, this narrow-minded thinking doesn’t let most people grow financially because what they think and believe, the same they receive.

Before 4 years, I was doing an ordinary job that didn’t pay me more than paying my bills. 

One day my friend gifted me a self-help book called “Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill.” And that has changed my perception of earning money and living life. 

Since then, I have applied hill’s each and every technique (including Money Meditation) of attracting and manifesting money in my Network Marketing business; within 2 years, I found exponential growth in my earrings. 

Now I am living a financially free life. 

Maybe you are thinking about what was in that book?

Well, The book is all about changing your thinking, believing, planning, and executing from poverty consciousness to success consciousness. 

And the best thing is, you can do this effectively with Money Meditation, or you can say the Law of Attraction Meditation

How Does Meditation Help To Manifest Money?

Meditation puts you into the Alpha state, where you can easily reprogram your subconscious mind and change your mindset from poverty to rich. It develops money-conscious and raises your vibration to attract people, opportunities, and situations that make you rich and successful. 

In a meditative state, our brains generate Alpha waves called Alpha state. In this relaxing and receptive state of mind, what we feed is quickly captured by our subconscious mind and attracts the same vibration, and shifts our reality. 

Meditation is the best way to disconnect yourself from the external distractions and connect with supreme consciousness (Universe) to hand over your intention. 

The regular meditation practice activates the Law of Attraction in our favor, so what we think we become and what we feel we attract.

Some famous manifestation techniques such as visualization and affirming can be done through meditation in the most effective way.

Early Preparation Of Money Meditation

Before you start manifestation meditation, decide what you want or what is your intent. 

Merely saying, I want lots of money is an unclear intent that may not lead you anywhere. 

1) Define your dream

Define a specific dream amount of money bounded by time and step-by-step planning to achieve it. 

For example, 

I will take my business from $50,000 per month revenue to $100,000 per month revenue before 1st January 2023.

To do that, I will work 1-2 extra hours per day to improve my sales team and production capacity. 

The man who knows just what he wants in life has already gone a long way toward attaining it.

Napoleon Hill

This way, craft your goal statement in detail with absolute clarity, so we can use them in our meditation practice to reprogram our subconscious mind and hand over our desires to the universe. 

2) Give commitment

Once your intention is defined, it’s time to give it value and devote to it. 

When you are committed to fulfilling your dream, no one can stop you from achieving your dream. 

If any impediment or challenge comes in your way, boldly face them and overcome them. 

Develop faith for yourself and the universe using affirmation because when you feed your faith, fears will starve to death. 

These two preparatory steps are a base of Money Manifestation Meditation.

Now, let’s see How to meditate to manifest your dream Fast. 

5 Steps Meditation To Manifest Money Effectively 

5 Steps Meditation To Manifest Money Effectively

(The Ultimate Law of Attraction Meditation Money Manifestation Meditation)

Step-1) Settle down 

Move to a quiet space where people and technology can’t disturb you.

Then sit in a crossed leg posture mediation posture with eyes closed, spine comfortably erect, and face slightly upturned. (you may sit on the chair in case if you have a back problem)

Use Meditation Cushion or Meditation Chair for comfortable, stable, and sustainable meditation posture.

However, there is no compulsory way of sitting in meditation. You can choose any style that is comfortable, stable, and sustainable for you.  

Step-2) Focus on breathing 

Now slowly take 5-6 deep breaths in and out. 

While you are breathing, mentally notice the inhalation and exhalation process, or notice belly movement expanding and contracting. 

It is scientifically proven that control breathing is a powerful way to stop the mind’s chattering. Also, it gives relaxation and increases the focus of the mind. 

When your mind gets focused, you are in a calm, relaxed, and receptive state of mind called The Alpha state. 

Step-3) Repeat Money Affirmations 

When you are at the Alpha level, it’s time to reprogram your subconscious mind by reciting the following Affirmations.

  1. The Universe always fulfil my desires 
  2. I am fortunate that what I want, I receive
  3. My bank account contains $$$$$$ 
  4. My monthly income is $$$$$, and it is growing continuously 
  5. I have multiple sources of income
  6. I am a Money Magnet, and Money follows me from all direction
  7. I am grateful for receiving my dream house, dream car, and dream income

Repeat these Affirmations slowly with the corresponding feelings and imagination because feeling is an emotion, and emotion is an energy in motion that stimulates your mind and radiates the vibration of riches in the Universe. 

This energy attracts the like energy from the Universe and gets manifested into physical reality after a certain period of time.

Step-4) Visualize 

Visualization works most powerfully when you realize that it is already a reality on an unseen level and It’s already there.

Eckhart Tolle

Visualize that you have already acquired wealth in your life. 

Visualize yourself possessing the riches, visualize the environmental change and others’ reactions when riches come to you. 

The daily 10-15 minutes visualization practice highen your vibrations and attract Money, opportunities, and people in line with your purpose. 

Step-5) Express gratitude 

Grateful Heart Is A Magnet For Miracles.

Before you end this money meditation, express gratitude to the Universe as if it has made your dreams come true. 

Repeat the following gratitude Affirmations:

  1. Thank you, god (Universe) to fulfil my financial dream
  2. I am grateful for receiving $$$$$ every month 
  3. I am grateful for living this financially abundant life
  4. I am grateful for having many expensive assets 

Be thankful for receiving lots of wealth and blessings from the Universe. 

This way, you can tune on the abundance mindset and set the certain vibrational frequency that may speed up your manifestation process. 

These 5 steps Money Manifestation Meditation contain everything that you need to manifest Money.

It is possible when you start practicing this money meditation, you may not visualize properly and may not cultivate the positive sentiments for Money. Also, many times your mind gets wandered from meditation too. 

In this case, don’t feel discouraged or frustrated; instead, re-engage your mind in practice like nothing happened.

If you follow this Money Meditation daily with faith in yourself and the Universe, the Law of Attraction will work in your favor and may return you lots of Money and Wealth in the near future. 

The Guided Money Meditation By Bob Baker 

This 10 min. Guided Manifestation Meditation is a part of Bob Baker’s “21 Days Money and Abundance Program.”

If you want to be a money magnet to manifest Money and abundance into your life, this meditation is perfect for you. 

In this, Bob will make you relax and focused with the breathing exercise. Then He will ask you to repeat the following affirmations. 

  • I vibrate with the frequency of prosperity
  • My life is an embodiment of abundance
  • I vibrate with the frequency of success
  • I see abundance everywhere
  • I vibrate with the frequency of wealth
  • I attract Money 
  • I attract money-making opportunities and more

Now live your day with these feelings in your heart and be ready to receive Money from an unexpected source. 

What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create.


20 Powerful Money Affirmations That Work Fast

Here are some Affirmations that you can add to your Money Mediation practice. 

  1. I choose to live a rich and abundant life 
  2. I am worthy of all richness I desire
  3. I am a money magnet
  4. I always have more than enough Money in my bank account
  5. I am connected with the universal supply of riches
  6. I have the power to build wealth and create the success I desire 
  7. I respect Money, so it naturally follows me wherever I go
  8. Earning Money is really easy for me 
  9. My wealth always grows no matter how much I spend Money 
  10. I have multiple sources of income 
  11. Every dollar I spend or donate comes back to me multiplied 
  12. I earn more than my ability
  13. I make Money even while I sleep 
  14. My income increases constantly
  15. I naturally attract expensive assets
  16. I attract opportunities and people that increase my earnings
  17. My investments give me a 5X return every single year 
  18. I give myself permission to grow and prosper 
  19. I am living a financially free abundant life 
  20. I am grateful to live such a prosperous life

You can include these money Affirmations in Auto-suggestion practice or craft a new version of Affirmations according to your goals and dreams by referring to these. 

Benefits of Money Manifestation Meditation

Regular practice of this Law of Attraction Meditation may give the following benefits:

  • Clear the blockages for your manifestation journey.
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind to attract and radiate positive energy in line with your intention.
  • Direct your thoughts, feelings, and energy towards achieving Money and financial freedom.
  • Activate the Law of Attraction to work in your favor and align you with the universal force to attract the same energy.
  • Develop a positive and money-conscious mindset that sends positive signals in the universe.

Daily Practices And Disciplines To Attract Money FAST!!

In order to Manifest Money and Wealth, 

First, you must be clear about what you want, how much Money you aspire, what asset you wish. 

Precisely note down your dreams and goals in detail inbound by specific date and number. 

The man who knows just what he wants in life has already gone a long way toward attaining it.

Napoleon Hill

Secondcommit to yourself; no matter what will happen or what challenges will come, I will strive for my dream with absolute faith in myself and the universe.

Believe you can, and you are halfway there.

Theodore Roosevelt

Third, when any external or internal impediment comes to your mind, recognize it as a distraction (enemy) and immediately expel it without contemplating or empowering it. 

Once you are committed to your money dream without letting any impediment overpowering you, your mind gets organized. 

Once your mind gets organized and concentrated towards your goal. The way you think, the way you feel.

Once you think and feel in the same direction, your energy gets organized (because the thoughts and feelings are the impulses of the energy)

Once your life energy gets organized, it attracts the like energy from the universe, and then it brings opportunities, situations, and people in your life in line with your dream that you visualize or hold in mind. 

The final step of manifesting Money and financial freedom is “To Take Necessary Actions.” 

You must have to take the necessary steps and devote time to attain your dream. 

Dreams are just dreams until you take ACTION. Action is the fundamental key to all success.

This way, by consciously organizing your mind, practicing money meditation, and taking necessary actions, you may create the reality of your dream. 

Ok, that’s It. 

I hope you will practice Money Meditation daily and manifest your financial goal very soon. 

ALL The BEST and Keep receiving Money.

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