51 Money Magnet Affirmations To Attract Wealth And Abundance

Repeating affirmations is a great way to reprogram your subconscious mind and create a positive mindset and belief that work in your favor and directs you on the right path.

It is scientifically proven that daily affirmations or Auto-suggestion techniques may help you concentrate on the goal, motivate to act, induce positive thoughts and feelings, and boost your confidence. [1] 

I have been using the auto-suggestion technique for the last 2 years to attract riches and health, and I have found significant positive changes in my life and business. 

“Whatever the Mind of Man can conceive and believe it can achieve.” 

Napoleon Hill

So, today, In this article, I will share 51 Money Magnet Affirmations, which you can use to cultivate a rich mindset and belief pattern that can attract abundance in your near future. 

My Favorite Money Magnet Affirmations

  • Day by day, in every way, I am getting richer, richer, and richer.
  • I have become a money magnet 
  • Money comes to me from multiple sources on a continuous basis
  • I am earning $$,$$$* every single month 
  • I am living a successful and an abundant life
  • I am grateful for having the life of my dream 
  • Whatever I wish comes to me
  • I have the power to change my reality 
  • I can manifest what I want 
  • I have the ability to expand my financial status 

* Replace $$,$$$ with your monthly money goal 

I would suggest that when you use these affirmations, try to cultivate the corresponding emotion because emotion has an energy that can easily influence your subconscious mind instead of merely repeating the dry statements. 

By the way, If you require more affirmations related to money and abundance, scroll and check out the following list. 

51 Powerful Money Magnet Affirmations 

“I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis.”

Bob Proctor 
  1. I am a money magnet 
  2. I attract abundance like a magnet
  3. I was born to be a millionaire 
  4. I welcome abundance into my life
  5. I have a money mindset, and it is my most valuable assets 
  6. Money constantly flows into my life
  7. The more I spend money, the more I receive money 
  8. I enjoy making money
  9. I enjoy managing and investing my money 
  10. I am constantly increasing my income
  11. Money is coming to me from all directions on the continuous basis
  12. I make money even while I sleep
  13. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly
  14. I am constantly receiving lots of money from the universe 
  15. I am financially free, and my family is financially secure
  16. I deserve to live in luxury 
  17. I am living an abundant life 
  18. Everything that I touch turns to gold 
  19. I love money, and money loves me
  20. My income grows higher and higher every day
  21. My back balance increases every day
  22. Every day I attract more money 
  23. I have more than enough money 
  24. Making money is easy for me
  25. I believe in earning instead of merely saving 
  26. I am getting richer, richer, and richer every single day 
  27. Many times I receive money in the unexpected ways
  28. Prosperity embraces me
  29. Whenever I think about money, I attract and receive it 
  30. I always think positive about money and wealth
  31. I see opportunities for money where ever I go 
  32. I attract everything that I need to be rich
  33. I seek knowledge and apply it as early as possible 
  34. I have the power to create abundance I desire 
  35. I receive lots of money in return for the value that I provide to the world
  36. I am productive, self-disciplined, and persistent in work that money has to come to me
  37. I stay focused on my goals 
  38. I am powerful and unstoppable
  39. I think and act like a billionaire 
  40. I am committed to having lots of wealth
  41. I always have whatever I need
  42. Everything and every one prosperous me now
  43. I don’t have to work for money 
  44. Whatever I put out comes back to me as in streams of abundance
  45. My wealth multiplies and creates more wealth than today
  46. I have the right to become rich and whatever I want 
  47. I spend money for my good and good for others
  48. People love giving money to me 
  49. Money is my servant, and I can control my riches
  50. I use money to better my life and the lives of others
  51. The universe always rewards me with the abundance 

This was my chosen list of money magnet affirmations. 

Among these, choose 5-10 affirmations that are aligned with your intention and repeat them in the following way. 

How To Use Money Affirmations? 

Meditation is the best way to use money affirmations because meditation puts your brain into an alpha state where your brain becomes receptive to adopt change. 

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When you meditate, repeat the money affirmations loudly or recite them in mind with the corresponding feeling and exact visualization attach to it. 

This way, you are not merely repeating affirmations but also developing a positive mindset and belief system that requires making lots of money and fulfilling your dreams. 

“I believe that visualization is one of the most powerful means of achieving personal goals.”

Harvey Mackay

Steps to practice money affirmations

  1. Move to a quiet space where no one can disturb you
  2. Find a comfortable place and sit in a cross-legged posture (use meditation cushion or chair for a more comfy and stable sitting position)
  3. Now, close your eyes with spine comfortably erect and face slightly upturned
  4. Slowly take 3 deep breaths in and out 
  5. Start reciting the money affirmations and add proper visualization and feeling with them (this may take 10-15 min. Or more)
  6. Try to visualize yourself with your dreams as they were already accomplished and hold that image in your mind

“When you visualize, then you materialize.”

Denis Waitley

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How Does Money Affirmations Work To Attract Abundance?

See, Everything that humans have invented in this world has come from their minds in the form of thoughts or imagination from infinite intelligence. Isn’t it?  

They have structured their mind in line with their intention, and when their minds were connected with the infinite source of knowledge, the hunches came into their mind, and they have materialized it by putting right efforts. 

So, it is very important for you to prepare your mind first, before attracting money or wealth. 

Once the pattern of your intention is set in your mind, it will provide ideas and compel you to take action that will get you closer to your money goal.

By keeping this in mind, the application of affirmations comes into the picture. 

The repeated use of money affirmations or auto-suggestion technique creates new pathways and structures your belief system in a positive way that makes you money conscious. 

When you exercise money affirmations daily, making more money becomes your primary motive in life. Day after day, you may search for ways and take action to make more money. 

This way, when you fully concentrate and pour all your energies into a single intention, the universe naturally starts manifesting that desire into your life as a reward for your hard efforts. 

“What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create”

The Budhha

How Often Should You Affirm? 

You can repeat affirmations anytime during the day; the more you affirm, the more you will be able to influence your subconscious mind to align to your money goal. 

I would suggest you should affirm at least 15 minutes twice a day. The best time to affirm is just after getting up from bed and before going to bed. 

That’s it for today,

I hope you have gathered some good ideas from here, and you will work on them to manifest your dreams.

Remember, Success comes from patience, persistence, and perseverance, not merely from thinking. 

So, keep affirming, take action, and never settle because your destiny already is waiting for you to show up. 


1) Affirmations – Unveiling the power of words 

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