9 Writing Manifestation Techniques That Really Works

Manifestation is not as difficult as most people think. It just requires aligning our thoughts, emotions, and actions in one direction – towards what we’d like to manifest.

The Buddha has beautifully described the law of attraction in one line, “what you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create.”

See, the purpose of all manifestation techniques is to influence our subconscious mind and correct our beliefs, so we can think right, feel right, and do right, and manifest our intentions into existence.

So, In today’s post, I will discuss nine writing manifestation techniques, how they work, and how to progress on the path of law of attraction.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

9 Writing Manifestation Techniques

Writing Manifestation Techniques

1) Intention Journaling

In this method, you write what you’d like to manifest in a conscious positive sentence twice a day until it becomes your reality. 

For example, I am rich and wealthy, I am happy and fulfilled, The universe always fulfills my wishes. (these should be in present tense)

Writing your wishes in a journal is a good habit to intensify your desire and remind yourself what your goals, what you actually want, what’s your purpose. 

It keeps your mind focused and occupied with positive thoughts, overcome procrastination, makes you goal-oriented, and compels you to take massive actions that lead to manifestation. 

Steps for intention journaling

  1. Make a personal manifestation journal. 
  2. Exactly know what you want to manifest.
  3. Daily write down your manifestation intentions 10 times, once in the morning and once before going to bed, until they get manifested.

When you write your desires multiple times, it sets the particular thought pattern in mind, which eventually becomes a burning obsession and then physical reality.

“Whatever the human mind can conceive and believe, It can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill

2) Scripting Technique

The scripting technique involves imagination of possessing your manifestation and writing step-by-step how you received it in a creative way. 

In other words, you imagine yourself in the future, already manifested what you wanted, and now writing your journey of manifestation. 

However, here’re some points to keep in mind while scripting.

  • Your manifestation script should be believable 
  • Use present tense for describing your successful manifestation journey 
  • Don’t use any negative words 
  • Scripting must be clear and detailed
  • Not only write but also feel the journey 
  • Express gratitude whenever it requires

This writing technique is very powerful because it involves imagination faculty and positive emotions while scripting, which stimulates your intention to directly reach your subconscious mind. 

3) Letter From Future Self

Like the previous one, In this manifestation technique, you imagine ahead of time and write a letter describing and congratulating yourself on the success of your manifestation journey. 

After that, put the latter into the envelope and request someone to post it in such a way that you receive it anytime after several months or years. 

Since you forgot, but suddenly after a long time when you receive that success story letter, you may feel surprised or shocked. 

That feeling will fill you with positive vibrations also radiate the vibrations in the universe. As like attracts like, you will attract similar vibrations from the universe and eventually the manifestation of your desire too.

4) Gratitude Journaling

Gratitude is a powerful emotion, and when it is mixed with your desires, it positively influences your beliefs and mindset. 

Moreover, gratitude instantly sets you in an abundance mode and stimulates your mind with positive vibes.

Therefore, be grateful for what you have and write them in a manifestation journal. 

For example, 

  • I thank the universe for manifesting my dreams
  • I am grateful for being alive today
  • I am grateful for having a lovely family

Similarly, write whatever you are thankful for and be grateful for that. Also, throughout your day cultivate the attitude of gratitude. 

Thus, when you become positive for what you have, you naturally attract more positive things in life and eventually the manifestation of your desires too. 

5) 369 Manifestation Technique

The 369 technique is one of the most powerful manifestations, which suggests writing your intention three times in the morning, six times during the day, and nine times in the evening.

The Nikola tesla has given great significance to numbers 3, 6, and 9, and said,

“If you knew the significance of 3,6, and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

Nikola Tesla


  • Number 3 represents our strong relationship with the universe and our creative self-expression
  • Number 6 represents our inner strength and harmony with the universe 
  • Number 9 represents the completion, or success in what we are doing (in our case its a manifestation)

Thus, when you practice the 369 method, you harness the power of 3,6,9 numbers, make your connection strong with the universe, build harmony with it, activate the law of attraction in your favor, boost your inner strength, and increase the chances of getting success.

6) 77×7 Manifestation Method

77×7 or 777 is another powerful writing manifestation technique, wherein you have to write one intention 77 times twice a day for 7 consecutive days. 

This technique is based on angel number 777, which signified good luck, and reinsurance that you are walking on the right track. 

Therefore, when you repeatedly write the affirmation or your goal statement 77 times twice a day for 7 days in a row, you get aligned with the universe and progress on the journey of manifesting. 

But, before practicing this technique, keep the following points in mind,

  • Focus on a single desire.
  • Make a conscious positive statement of your desire (affirmation) in the present tense (for example, I am rich and successful).
  • Never use any negative words in the affirmation.

Steps for practicing 77×7 manifestation technique

  1. Move into a quiet room and alleviate all possible distractions for the next 30 minutes
  2. Take few deep breaths 
  3. And then Mindfully start writing your manifestation desire or affirmation in a journal 77 times without taking any break
  4. After that, you can visualize your dream as if it became your reality
  5. Repeat this ritual for 7 consecutive days

However, if you’re uncomfortable writing 77 times for 7 days, try the following methods. 

7) 55×5 Manifestation Technique

The 55×5 manifestation technique suggests writing your intention 55 times twice a day for 5 days in a row. 

Numerologically speaking, number 555 represents the big change and divine blessings for going forwards in life. 

Like the 77×7 technique, here too you have to focus on one desire and make a statement that encapsulates your desire in conscious positive words.

For instance, Let’s say I want to manifest money. 

In this case, my desire statement would be, “The more I think about money, the more I’m attracted to it,” or “I am a money magnet; money comes to me from all directions.”

Once you have done that, follow the following steps,

  1. Isolate yourself where no one can disturb you for the next 20 minutes 
  2. Take some deep breaths 
  3. Mindfully write your intention 55 times 
  4. Then visualize yourself in possession of your dream

Thus, you have to follow this practice 5 days in a row, without missing a single day.

8) 44×4 Manifestation Technique

The 44×4 manifestation requires writing your desire 44 times twice a day for 4 consecutive days. 

The angel number 444 has a spiritual significance and it suggests that the universe is with you, guiding you and caring you.

Further, the number 44 represents success and good luck for accomplishing goals, and the number 4 represents conscientiousness, strength, responsibility, and stability.

Thus, you can harness the power of 444, 44, and 4 by practicing the 44×4 manifestation method. 

For example, you want to attract your soulmate using the 44×4 technique, in this case,

  • First, make a manifestation journal 
  • Second, set an intention something like, “I am so happy and grateful to be in a loving relationship with my soulmate.”
  • To practice 44×4, isolate yourself in silence for the next 20 minutes.
  • And for the next 4 days, repeatedly write your chosen statement in a manifestation journal 44 times twice a day.
  • Then, visualize your dream as if it became your reality.

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9) Pillow Manifestation Technique

You may know, when we are sleeping, or passing from conscious to unconscious state our subconscious mind gets activated and take full charge of our body, thoughts, and emotions. 

However, you can reprogram your subconscious mind to manifest your desires while sleeping by performing this manifestation technique.

In the pillow manifestation method, you write your desires on paper with positive feelings and then put the paper under the pillow you sleep, and while sleeping you think and visualize your desires as if they become your reality. 

When you sleep with this vision and a paper that has positive vibrations, your subconscious mind captures it, works on it, and influences your mindset and behavior to attract that things. 

Steps to practice pillow technique before going to sleep

  • Take a clean paper and a pen. 
  • Be relaxed and take some deep breaths. 
  • Mindfully write all your desires or one desire multiple times in the present tense (As you write, cultivate positive emotions about your dream)
  • Then put the paper under the pillow you sleep on.
  • Once you lay down on the bad, visualize yourself in possession of your dream.

This way, write your wish list and repeat this practice every day. 

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Now, you are familiarized with the 9 writing techniques for manifesting, but do you know how they work, how they bring your manifestation into existence. 

How The Writing Technique Works For Manifesting?

When you write one intention or desire over and over again, it positively influences your subconscious mind, creates a corresponding pattern of thoughts and beliefs, which eventually becomes your habits and actions. 

Once you set the right mindset and belief for what you’d like to manifest, the right thoughts come to your mind, which compels you to take the right kind of actions and ultimately leads you towards the manifestation of your desire.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become actions, Your actions become your habits, And Your habits become your destiny.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Remember, the energy flows where attention goes.

So, it is important to focus on one desire at a time and pour all your energy to manifest it; this way, you not only increase the chance of your manifestation but also speed up your manifestation journey too. 

Benefits Of Practicing Writing Manifestation Techniques

When you consistently practice writing for manifesting, it may,

  • Change your mindset and belief in a positive way
  • Activate the law of attraction in your favor
  • Create a burning desire to achieve your dream
  • Impel you to take action and work hard for manifesting it
  • Keep you centered on the journey of manifestation
  • Fill you with positivity, especially faith in yourself and the universe
  • Speed up your manifestation journey

As Einstein said, everything in the universe is the energy vibrating at a certain frequency.

Therefore, when you stay positive and optimistic about your dream, you naturally attract similar energy from the universe in terms of opportunities, conducive situations, and people.

Then by taking the right actions, you can transmute them into reality (manifestation). 

4 Tips To Speed Up Your Manifestation Journey

Apart from practicing your manifestation rituals, you should keep these tips in mind in order to progress on the path of manifestation.

1) Manifest one thing at a time

As said, energy flows where your attention goes, which also means where you focus most, it starts manifesting into your life. 

For instance, I have to complete 5 tasks throughout the day, and I start with the first one, but without completing it I jump to another one, and another, and so on. 

Tell me, what will happen? 

I have to pay more time and energy to complete all tasks, or I’d reach nowhere, right!

This same is true for the law of attraction as well, the more you focus on one intention, the better you progress on the journey. But, if you try to manifest several things at a time, the scatter focus or energy may lead you nowhere. 

2) Stay positive throughout the day

It’s very important that you practice the manifestation ritual daily and cultivate a positive attitude for the rest of your day.

This way, you don’t allow negativity to impair your manifestation; rather you accumulate positive vibrations and attract similar frequencies from the universe. 

3) Take actions 

Always remember, 

“The universe doesn’t give you what you ask for with your thoughts – it gives you what you demand with your actions.”

Steve Maraboli

See, If I want to become a millionaire, I have to work in one direction with a definite plan. Merely thinking or dreaming won’t take me anything. Isn’t it?

The law of attraction only helps you to create a conducive environment and give the right opportunities, but at the end, you have to convert them into reality by taking the right actions. 

Therefore, never step back from taking action and working hard. 

4) Keep patience

When you do everything right, but don’t get the expected results, keep patience and stick to the manifestation ritual without being disappointed.

See, your manifestation depends on you, and the universe, and several other factors. That’s why it may take little or more time to reveal itself in reality. 

“Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or a greater benefits.”

Napoleon Hill

That’s it for today. 

I hope whatever you wish manifests in your life soon.

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