What to do with your manifestation papers? (8 Good Ideas)

Writing your intention or scripting your dream in a journal is a powerful manifestation technique. 

But, once your intention is manifested or if you fail to manifest it, what to do with your manifestation papers or a journal? Should you keep them with you or not?

You can either keep your manifestation papers or journal with you as a memory or craft or freely dispose them by throwing, burning, burying, or recycling. However, In this context, just follow your intuition free from any doubts or fear.

Now, some obvious questions may come to your mind, 

Should I always keep my manifestation journal? Is it fair to throw my manifestation papers? Can I burn my manifestation journal? What happens If I throw away my manifestation papers? And blah blah

So, In today’s post, I will address these questions and also explain 8 thoughtful ways to manage your written manifestation. 

But, before we begin, know that the real manifestation power is within you; whatever you conceive and believe, you can achieve. 

Hence, you are your own manifestor and other things such as manifestation papers, journals, vision boards, etc., are just tools through which you initiate the process and reprogram yourself. 

However, If you believe or fear that your manifestation will be reversed or gone after disposing of your manifestation material, then you’re wrong. 

“The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.”


Know that your manifestation always depends on you (your beliefs, mindset, and actions) and the universe. 

And every tool that you are asked to use for manifestation practice just makes you aligned with your intention by correcting your beliefs and mindset. Once it happens, the material or tools has no use.

So, feel free and do whatever you like with your manifestation papers after manifesting your desires. 

8 Ideas To Do With Your Manifestation Papers

1. Keep Them With You

If you feel, you should keep your written manifestation with you, then do that. Otherwise, you may regret losing them later. 

You can put them in a cupboard, on an altar, or at any suitable place inside your home. This way, the energy you have accumulated in the form of written words in the papers or journal stays with you and reflects back to you. 

Also, this memory can be presented as your success story, and you can show it to others and motivate them that the manifestation or law of attraction actually works. 

Remember, if you haven’t manifested what you have been writing, I would insist you keep your manifestation papers or journal with you and continue what you have initiated. 

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2. Make Crafts Out Of Them

Manifestation paper crafts

Another way to keep your manifestation papers is to make best out of waste.   

You can make crafts out of your manifestation papers and use them to decorate your room or home. 

This way, the positive energy that you have gained stays inside your room or home and could benefit you for a long time. 

Moreover, when you see that creative craft, it will remind you of your manifestation journey and instantly put you in a positive mood. 

With these two ways, you can keep your written manifestation papers with you as a memory. 

But, If you have decided not to keep them with you, then the following six ways are for you. 

3. Bury Them 

The best way to dispose your manifestation tools is to bury them in your backyard or anywhere near your residence. 

Kindly bury your manifestation material and be grateful for what you have received from it.

This way, you release the collected energy back to the universe and complete nature’s circle of receiving and returning. 

“Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never ever have enough.”
Oprah winfrey

4. Recycle Them 

Giving your manifestation papers for recycling is the best eco-friendly way to discard them. 

You can put them in an envelope or box and send them to the recycling plant so that they can be remanufactured and reused by others. 

Thus, you follow the law of nature – creation, then destruction, and then recreation. 

5. Give Them To Someone

If you know someone who is trying to manifest something just as you did, you can give or gift them your written manifestation papers or journal. 

Thus, you can encourage them to manifest their dreams and convey the positive energy, which may speed up their manifestation journey and establish a firm belief that the manifestation really works. 

Thereby, you can positively change their lives and help them progress on their manifestation journey.  

6. Burn Them

When I say, “I want to burn this,” it usually sounds negative. Isn’t it? 

Therefore, if you are unsatisfied with your manifestation or your intuition is telling you to burn your manifestation papers, then go ahead and get rid of them by burning them. 

When you burn, the energy is released from it and merged with its source – the universe.

However, if you want to do so, do it in a positive kind way, not under the influence of negative emotions that eventually impair you. 

7. Tear Them 

Once you are done with your manifestation, you can tear or cut your written manifestation into small pieces and throw them into the trash, bury them, or burn them. 

However, If your inner voice tells you to do so, then and then do this. Otherwise, it would be considered as an unfair, deceptive deed with your manifestation. 

Remember, you must be respectful, grateful for your manifestation tools, and justify their grace before doing anything with them. 

8. Throw Them Away 

The last way to discard your manifestation papers is to simply throw them into the trash without thinking too much.

If you are unable to make such hard choices, take help from someone who can do this for you. 

As I said, the real manifestation power is within you and with the right belief and mindset, you can achieve whatever you want. 

Therefore, after manifesting your intention, you can freely and respectfully discard your manifestation materials if you wish. 

If you really want to get rid of your manifestation material, I would suggest you follow #2, #3, or #5 way (because I think they are respectful and humble ways)

But, if your intuition is suggesting you follow another method, I would emphasize you listen to it instead of my advice. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and your doubts and questions are now clear.

Still, if you have anything to ask or share, feel free to comment below.

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