How To Manifest In 4 Days With 4×44 Manifestation Method

If I have to explain the law of attraction in one line, I would say, What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create.

When you consciously think, believe, and visualize positive about what you’d like to manifest, it creates a burning desire, impels you to take action (if required), and bring your manifestation into reality. 

In order to make this happen, today, I will handover you a powerful 4×44 writing technique.

So, If you’re ready to activate the law of attraction in your favor in 4 days with the 4×44 or 44×4 Manifestation method, let’s get started. 

What Is The 4×44 Manifestation Method?

The 4×44 Manifestation method suggests writing your intention in the form of affirmation 44 times twice a day for four consecutive days.

It’s a systematic approach that aims to align you with the frequency of your intention and make you optimistic about desired reality. 

This method is particularly useful for those who find themselves more scattered and inconsistent in their manifestation journey or simply aren’t getting desired results from usual techniques.

Now, some people may wonder, why they have to write only 44 times and four days, why not other numbers?

Why 4 Days and 44 Times Only?

Basically, the 4×44 method is based on the angel number 444, and numbers 4, and 44.

According to numerology, the significance of these numbers is as follows, 

Angel number 444: is a powerful spiritual number, and it suggests that the universe is with you, guiding you and caring for you, so never step back from what you’re doing or going to do. 

Number 44: is related to achievements, and represents success and good luck for accomplishing goals or dreams.  

Number 4: has an earthy, deeply rooted energy, and it represents conscientiousness, strength, responsibility, and stability.

Thus, by practicing the 4×44 manifestation method, you can harness the power of numbers 444, 44, and 4, and bring your manifestation into reality. 

Now, before I show you how to practice the 4×44 technique, first you require, 

  1. A pen (pencils won’t suffice since they are much less permanent than pens)
  2. A separate journal (because the used one contains different vibrations)
  3. Up to an hour of spare time for 4 consecutive days

How To Practice 4×44 Manifestation Method?

4x44 Manifestation Method

Step 1: Set Your Intention

First, brainstorm and decide what is the one thing you want to manifest in the near future. (This is the foundation and the first step towards achieving your manifestation)

“The man who actually knows just what he wants in life has already gone a long way toward attaining it.”

Napoleon Hill

Here’re some self-inquiry questions that you can ask to yourself.

  1. What would make you fulfilled and happy?
  2. Where do you desperately want, what is your burning desire?
  3. Where do you want to position yourself?

Always remember, the energy flows where your attention goes. Therefore, set one intention at a time, because the more you focus on one intention, the more you become worthy of manifesting it.

On the other hand, if you set multiple intentions, it scatters your attention and confuses the universe, which may lead to nowhere, or the result may take longer time than usual.

Step 2: Turn Your Intention Into Affirmations

Now, make a concise positive statement (affirmation) that encapsulates your intention and make sure it is powerful and includes emotional language. 

Also, keep the following points in mind while crafting the affirmation.

  • Make your affirmation in the present tense as if you have already achieved your dream.
  • Keep it as short as possible. 
  • Never use negative words, and words such as I need, I want, I require, etc. 
  • Use positive words, or emotional words such as I enjoy, I’m grateful, etc.

For example,

  • I am rich, and I enjoy living a luxurious life.
  • I welcome abundance and prosperity into my life
  • I am grateful for the lovely relationship I have with my partner. 
  • I deserve a beautiful home where I feel happy and abundant

Thus, as per your intention, make a similar affirmation that feels good and precisely describes your desired reality. 

Next, write down your chosen affirmation in the journal for further practice. 

Remember, you have to practice the 4×44 method twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed. 

Step 3: Set Up Space For Practice

Now, take a break of 1 hour and move into a room (with pen and journal) where no one can disturb you. 

But, before you initiate the 444 manifestation technique, it’s important to set up a positive vibrational space because positive vibrations bring positive results.

On top of that, your mood plays a significant role in manifesting. A positive mood fosters positive thoughts and keeps you in a positive vibration, which is ideal while manifesting your desire. 

“As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract.”


Here are some tips for settling into positive vibrations,

  • Practice meditation for 10 minutes (practice any type of meditation whichever you like most).
  • Cultivate mindfulness.
  • Express gratitude and pray to your deity or universe.
  • Keep the altar of your deity, healing stones, and energy crystals in the room you’re going to the 444 ritual.
  • Play soothing music or matra in the room.

Thus, once the positive atmosphere is established and you also feel in a positive mood, it is time to begin the 444 manifestation technique.

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Step 4: Write Your Affirmation 

Open your manifestation journal, mark 1-44 lines, and mindfully start writing your chosen affirmation over and over again until you have written it 44 times at one stretch. (Repeat this practice for 4 consecutive days)

See, our aim isn’t just to write words but to deeply connect with the meaning and the feeling behind the words. 

Therefore, as you write, utter the affirmation, feel it, and visualize yourself in possession of your desired reality. 

(In between this, if your mind gets wandered away, simply bring it back, without judging it)

Remember, you have to repeat the step-3 & step-4 for the next 4 days without missing a single day. If this happens, start the process again.

Step 5: Trust The Universe

When you’re following these four steps, don’t be in a hurry, and don’t be skeptical about your manifestation. 

Instead, leave everything on the universe and trust that the universe will make it happen soon. 

See, faith/trust is a powerful emotion. When you develop faith, fear, worry, and skepticism fly away in thin air, and you can focus on essential tasks – manifesting your desire. 

When people try manifesting, they become too thirsty for receiving results or attached to the outcomes, which creates negative vibes and divert them from the true path. 

So, let go of everything and trust the process. 

Diligently follow your practice, give your best and keep faith in the universe. 

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How Does The 4×44 Manifesting Formula Work?

When you write intention (affirmation) 44 times twice a day for four consecutive days, it infuses the corresponding pattern of vibrations in your subconscious mind and makes your intention dominant above all your beliefs and thoughts.

Then, this dominant thought (intention) will create a burning obsession about your dream and compel you to take necessary actions to materialize your dream into a reality. 

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become actions, Your actions become your habits, And Your habits become your destiny.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Consistently practicing the 4×44 manifestation technique alleviates all self-sabotaging beliefs and sets a positive, optimistic mindset for things you want in life. 

As Einstein said, “Everything is energy,” which means our thoughts, our emotions, body, physical objects are nothing but energy vibrations. 

As like attract like, when you think, believe positively about your dream, you attract similar vibrations or energy from the universe, which manifests in front of you in the form of opportunities and favorable situations.

However, In most cases, you have to do little or more work to transmute that opportunity or situation into a reality.


I think now you’re very much clear about what it 4×44 manifestation method, how to practice it, what is the science behind it, and how it can manifest your dream into reality. 

Extra Tips To Speed Up Your Manifestation Journey

  • Consistently follow your manifestation practices
  • Focus on one intention at a time
  • Stay in a positive mood and foster positive thoughts and feelings throughout your day
  • Take necessary actions to transmute your desires into physical reality
  • Keep patience and be optimistic until you manifest your dream

“The universe doesn’t give you what you ask for with your thoughts – it gives you what you demand with your actions.”

Steve Maraboli

Frequently Asked Questions About 4×44 Method

  1. What If Your Desire Hasn’t Manifested In 4 Days?

    Keep in mind that no one knows when you will receive your manifestation. 

    See, your manifestation depends on you and serval other factors; that’s why it may take little or more time to reveal itself into the physical world. 

    This means there’re still high chances to receive your manifestation anywhere after four days of course, therefore stay optimistic and trust the universe. 

    The more you become positive and faithful, the sooner you may receive it. 

  2. Can I Use This 444 Technique To Manifest Multiple Things At A Time?

    Always avoid manifesting multiple things at a time because it will diverge your attention, energy, and efforts, which may lead you nowhere. 

    Remember, the energy flows where your attention goes. Therefore, the more you focus on manifesting one thing, your chances of getting success increase. 

  3. Do You Need To Write The Affirmations 44 Times At Once?

    Yes, write the affirmation 44 times at once stretch because the constant repetition of affirmation engraves your intention deep within your subconscious mind and generates the strong corresponding vibrational frequency. 

    However, if you feel uncomfortable, it’s ok to stop and take a break. But if you do so, it is recommended that you start the 4×44 ritual again from zero. 

  4. Can You Type Your Affirmations On The Computer?

    See, typing is a passive way, while writing using a pen and paper is more alive and effective way to express your intention to the universe. 

    In writing, you require more energy, and it deeply connects you with each word you write and its meaning, which is not possible in the case of typing on a computer or phone. 

    Therefore, don’t use the technology to practice this manifestation technique. 

  5. What Is The Best Time To Practice The Manifestation Rituals?

    The best time to practice 4×44 manifestation method or any other rituals is early morning after getting up from bed and at night before going to bed.

    Because when we pass from waking state to sleeping state or vice versa, our subconscious mind is activated. So, we can easily plant the seed of our intention by practicing the manifestation technique during this time. 

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