5 Water Manifestation Techniques That Really Work

Water is one of the five elements due to which life exists on the planet earth. About 70% of the earth’s surface is water-covered, and our body roughly contains 60% water. 

If you ponder deeply, you will know that water is life, and it is more than simply a physical substance, connecting between body and consciousness that pervades every being. 

So, In today’s post, I will address water manifestation techniques and explain how you can use water to manifest your desires. 

But before we start,

Let me share with you some interesting facts about water and the power of your intention from the Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiment on How human consciousness affects the molecular structure of water.

Masaru Emoto has documented this research in his book The Hidden Messages in Water, where he examined the water’s crystals in the response to different types of music, and different words such as fear, envy, hate, love, thank-you, joy, etc. 

From his experiment, he discovered that positive intentions create beautiful symmetric crystal patterns, wherein negative intentions create uneven awful crystal patterns.

Also, these water crystals remain as it is until they are changed by other types of intention, which means water has a memory power too. 

Hence, we can conclude that sound has the ability to affect and change the physical structure; with regard to the molecular structure of water, our intent with our sound is extremely important. This may have great implications on our lives and even on the universe. 

Watch this short video 👇, discovering the power of your intentions and the nature of water. 

When we know how to connect, communicate, and how to intake the correct water in the right way, we can become the vibrational frequency of things we want to attract. 

How Water Can Help To Manifest?

As water is life energy, and it can be transformed through our intentions, thoughts, or emotions, we can change the vibrational frequency of our inner body water and attract things that vibrate at the same frequency. 

See, the majority portation of your body is water; therefore, the vibrations of your water are equal to your vibrations, and your vibrations attract similar vibrations from the universe, which determine your manifestation to a great extent. 

Thus, if you think, feel, or visualize yourself in possession of your manifestation, you imprint that vibrational frequency onto your water body. 

Since water is a conductor of energy and has a memory, it infuses the same vibration in your body and mind, which eventually attracts your manifestation. 

Plus, you can use the water outside of you and energize it through your intention to enhance your manifestation power.

Every intention sets energy into motion, whether you are conscious of it or not.
Gary Zukav

Now, I think you have a better understanding of the magic nature of water and the power of your intention (thought, feeling, and visualization)

So, let’s use all of these in the right manner to make them work for you. 

With that being said, let me reveal to you the five powerful water manifestation techniques that really work. 

5 Water Manifestation Techniques

Water Manifestation Techniques

1. Charging The Drinking-Water Technique

We unconsciously drink water every day and never pay any attention to how important it is for our being. 

See, If you just change the way of drinking water from an unconscious act to a conscious act, you may change your internal vibrations in the way you want. 

So, from now, whenever you drink water, take a bit pause, and think, feel, or visualize positive about a thing you want to manifest. 

🡆 Follow the subsequent steps to practice the drinking water charging technique. 

Step 1: Take a container that is made of metal, glass, copper, or brown clay. 

(Never use composite artificial material-made containers, because they are less alive and impure)

Step 2: Bring a sufficient amount of water – you require throughout your day and pour it into the container. 

It would be great to use water that came directly from natural sources such as rain, river, lack, spring, or underground. Because this water is more alive and pure, compare to artificial resources. 

Step 3: Move to a quiet space and comfortably sit in front of a water-filled container. 

Step 4: Put both your palms touching the surface of the container and close your eyes.

Step 5: Now, take some deep breaths and bring the picture of yourself in possession of your manifestation. 

Feel how good it is to live that reality.

Moreover, you can utter affirmations related to your intention, be grateful to the universe, and cultivate positive emotions as if you have already got what you wanted. 

This practice is like meditation for manifestation, which will infuse both your drinking water and inner body water with positive energy. 

Step 6: Throughout your day, drink this intentionally charged water. 

However, drink it consciously with the intention of manifesting in mind. 

See, what you think, feel, or visualize, it generates corresponding waves or vibrations (called vritti in Sanskrit) on your consciousness; with repetition, it gets strengthened and becomes your inner nature which can attract its physical form. 

“What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create.”

2. 2 Cup Manifestation Method 

This technique is also known as quantum jumping or quantum leaping and is based on the concept of quantum physics. 

In quantum physics, there are infinite possibilities of one event; how you view something and observe it can affect how things happen in your life.

Two cup method deals with the concept of alternate realities. 

Let’s say you are now in your current reality, think of it kind of like a frequency of a radio station you’re tuned in to 80.1 Hz (mediocre life frequency), and this is your reality now, the job, family, house, income or everything you have is now at mediocre level 80.1 Hz, because that’s the frequency you’re currently living. 

But, say the frequency of abundance is 91.9 Hz, which is a different frequency and a whole new world of possibilities, where you may have a great life, a perfect partner, and a successful business. 

Both of these realities are possibilities. It’s just about tapping into that one possibility to another to change your life. 

You can change your current mediocre life frequency from 80.1 Hz to an abundant life frequency of 91.9 Hz through the 2-cup manifestation method. 

Here’re steps to practice this method. 

Step 1: Take two glasses or cups, clean water, sticky paper, and a pen.

Step 2: Fill both cups half with clean water.  

Step 3: Now, write your current reality in brief on one piece of paper and stick it onto the outer surface of the first cup. (Don’t feel negative or dejected while doing so)

Step 4: In the same way, write your dream reality with excitement and joy on the other paper and stick it onto the second cup. 

For example, l want to manifest money. Then I will first write the total money I have in my bank account ($5,000) and second I will write the sum of total money I want to accumulate ($50,000).

Step 5: Hold both cups and consciously pour the current reality water into the desired reality cup. (1 → 2)

The whole water has taken in the energy of your current circumstances, and now it’s been poured into the desired outcome. 

So now infuse the water with your desired outcome and then shift the realities. 

Step 6: Hold your desired outcome cup with both hands, and close the eyes

Step 7: Take a deep breath and imagine your life exactly the way you wanted. 

Whatever you’re trying to manifest, feel the desired outcome live it as fully as possible, and transfer that energy to this water. 

Since water has a memory and is affected by emotion (which is one form of energy), it affects the water and changes its energy structure when you think, feel, and visualize your ideal reality.  

This way, you can resonate with the water at the frequency of abundance and create the altered state of your future reality in water. 

Step 8: Once you’re satisfied transferring the positive energy to water, drink it to bring your manifestation into your reality. 

Because this water is affected by the energy you infused with it, so once you consume it may become part of your reality.

3. Bathtub Charging Technique

When we bathe, we are closely connected with water; therefore, You can make bathing a manifestation ritual. 

Like the #1 technique, first, you have to charge the bathwater through your intention and positive emotion. And then use that water for bathing. 

Here’re the exact steps to practice this,

Step 1: Prepare yourself to take a bath.

Step 2: Fill the bathtub with water as much you require.

Step 3: Stay out of the bathtub and visualize what you’d like to manifest. Believe that you’re in possession of your dream and feel excited about it. (Do so for 2 minutes)

Step 4: Now go into the bathtub with this vision and feeling. And visualize that your manifestation is around you. 

Step 5: Imagine that you’re transferring the positive energy to the water and allowing these positive vibrations to spread into the bathwater. 

Step 6: Now, take a bath using this water. And while bathing, consciously utter or recite affirmations that encapsulate your intention. 

Since water responds to sound and emotion, it will create a positive surrounding, amplify your intention, and multiply your energy level. 

Thus, your ability to attract things and manifest your desires will increase. 

4. Water Bottle Technique

Like the first one, this technique also involves charging your drinking water, but differently using crystals or healing stones. 

To practice this technique, you require two things;

  1. Energy Infused Healing Crystals or Stones
  2. Water filter bottle 

1) Energy Infused Healing Crystals

2) Water filter bottle 

Now, follow the subsequent steps,

Step 1: In the morning, move to a quiet room and prepare a comfortable seat to meditate on the floor.

Step 2: Then bring the healing crystals and a bottle filled with water. 

Step 3: Put the water bottle in front of you, and hold the crystals in your right hand.

Step 4: Now, sit erect in a cross-legged meditative posture and put your right palm over the left one. 

Step 5: Close your eyes and take few deep breaths.

Step 6: Now think and visualize what you want to manifest. Feel the change that would come into your life after manifesting. (Do this for 10 minutes)

Step 7: Now, imagine that you’re transferring these positive feelings and vibrations to the stones. (Do this for 5-10 minutes)

These crystals hold your energy for a long time and transfer it to whatever comes in their constant.

Step 8: Open your eyes and put these stones into the water bottle, and throughout the day drink this water.

Since the stones are charged, you can add more drinking water into the bottle and energize it. 

Daily practice this ritual to sync yourself with the frequency of vibration of your manifestation desire. 

5. Natural Water Ritual

In Hindu tradition, Rivers are revered as mothers because rivers are essential for our survival. 

Although, every water resource is valuable, and we must be thankful to them. 

By keeping this in mind, you can express gratitude and love towards the water, and request it to manifest your desires in the same way you request to the universe. 

See, love and gratitude are the highest forms of emotions. So when you cultivate them, the universe may respond to you positively. 

So, If you have access to natural water resources like river, lake, spring, or ocean, go there in the morning and/or evening time. 

Be in touch with water and express your thanks. 

Then, visualize and feel your dream as if it became your reality. 

Since you’re near to a large water resource, your intention gets multiplied, and it directly reaches to the universe. 

You can also bring that natural water to your home and energize it (as we discussed earlier) and use it for daily use.

Also, throughout your day, cultivate positive emotions related to your dream because emotion is the energy in motion, and it’s the most powerful faculty when it comes to manifestation.

First, start practicing one technique at a time, and once you master it, try another. 

No matter which water manifestation technique you choose, practice it regularly to get the desired results. 

Personally speaking, I use the drinking water charging technique every day, and sometimes nature water technique to manifest more abundance into my life. 

By the way, all 5 water manifestation techniques are powerful and required to practice regularly. 

I have seen many people sharing their success stories of manifesting their dream life using water techniques. 

If you don’t believe it,

Here’re three fascinating law of attraction success stories that had used water manifestation techniques. 

Water Manifestation Success Stories

I hope you’re now excited to start the water manifestation method to manifest your dream into reality. 

But, before I end this article, I want to share some tips; by applying them, you can speed up your manifestation journey. 

Tips To Speed Up Your Manifestation

Tip 1: Set one intention at a time. The more you focus on one desire, the strong signal you will send to the universe, so more you become fit to manifest it. 

Tip 2: Daily practice your manifestation rituals and be stay in a positive state throughout the day.

Tip 3:  Take necessary actions to materialize your dream into reality. 

“The universe doesn’t give you what you ask for with your thoughts; it gives you what you demand with your actions.”

Steve Maraboli

Tip 4: Believe in yourself and keep faith in the universe.

Tip 5: Keep patience while manifesting because no one knows when you will receive your manifestation.

Ok, that’s it for today. 

I hope you progress on the path of manifestation and all your wishes soon come true.

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