77 New Moon Affirmations For Love, Positivity, & New Beginning

On the new moon day, the moon aligns in between the earth and the sun. 

In astrology, the New moon is the first lunar phase, which means it’s a new beginning. 

Therefore, It’s the best time to set new intentions, initiate new projects, formulate your ideas and goals, practice your manifestation rituals and spiritual rituals. 

In Hinduism, the new moon is considered a special day; people fast on this day and perform their religious rituals to progress on the spiritual journey. 

Since this day is powerful, you can utilize it to rejuvenate yourself and prepare yourself for a new beginning.

By keeping this in mind, let me share 77 New moon affirmations with you. 

77 New Moon Affirmations

  1. I give thanks to the energy of the new moon
  2. I am ready to embarrass a new beginning 
  3. I am ready to bring good changes to my life
  4. As the new moon grows, as do my accomplishments 
  5. The universe is with me and fulfills all my desires
  6. I am making progress in the material and spiritual world
  7. I invite abundance from all directions
  8. I am aligned with the infinite source of energy
  9. I always foster positive thoughts and emotions
  10. I resonate with the frequency of abundance 
  11. I am abundant and limitless 
  12. I have forgotten my past, and I am open to new possibilities
  13. I celebrate my new beginnings
  14. I am optimistic, confident, and fearless
  15. I consciously direct my life 
  16. I have the power to change my fate 
  17. I have abilities to manifest what I want
  18. I trust and follow my intuition
  19. My intuition always leads me in the right direction 
  20. I am the creator of my destiny
  21. I am manifesting my dream life 
  22. I manifest all my desires at ease 
  23. My wishes are coming true in beautiful ways 
  24. I am stronger, better, and more resilient
  25. I never step back from taking big actions
  26. The challenges make me strong, and I courageously face them
  27. Everything is POSSIBLE for me
  28. Whatever I think and imagine, I can achieve
  29. The universe has already put all powers within me
  30. No one can hold me back from achieving my dreams
  31. I won’t rest until I get what I want
  32. I am focused and committed to my goals
  33. I give my best to achieve my goals and never worry about outcomes 
  34. I am not defined by my past; I am driven by my future 
  35. I am rich and successful
  36. I live my life with complete freedom
  37. Whatever I demand automatically comes into my life
  38. I believe that whatever happens, happens for good
  39. I inhale peace and exhale uncertainties
  40. I spread peace and positivity around me
  41. I welcome healthy positive changes in my life
  42. The divine universe is on my site
  43. My heart and arms are open to receiving wonderful blessings
  44. I am grounded and aligned with my true self 
  45. I am unlimited and infinite 
  46. I am free to choose the direction of my life
  47. I believe in my ability to succeed 
  48. I can make positive choices about my future 
  49. The universe put me on my path of empowerment 
  50. I feel healthy, I feel alive, I feel radiant today
  51. I am ready for new adventures 
  52. I am a magnet of divine abundance 
  53. I invite miracles into my life each and every day
  54. I can now focus on what needs to be the priority of life
  55. I radiate positive energy
  56. I project happiness, joy, and contentment to other
  57. I am worthy of all the abundance I wish to come into my life
  58. I am safe and protected 
  59. I am talented I have a beautiful personality 
  60. I am a divinely guided person
  61. Today I celebrate my new beginnings 
  62. I have promised myself to grow and prosper

(New Moon Affirmations For Love and gratitude)

  1. I am grateful for being alive today
  2. I welcome love into my life
  3. I am fully open to sharing and receiving love 
  4. My heart radiates unconditional love to everyone 
  5. I thank the universe for giving me such a wonderful life
  6. I am grateful for everything I have
  7. May the universe showers bliss and love on everyone 
  8. Love, peace, and compassion are my eternal nature
  9. My heart is filled with joy, love, and compassion 
  10. I live in a state of bliss and gratitude
  11. I live in harmony with the universe
  12. I have a deep love for myself and others
  13. I deserve more love and happiness in my life 
  14. Happiness is a choice, and I choose to be happy 
  15. Wherever I go, I will spread happiness, love, and compassion

Ok, these were the 77 new moon affirmations. 

I would suggest choosing some of these affirmations and practicing them twice every new moon day.

However, If you have different intentions in life you can craft into the affirmations and contemplate them on a new moon.

How to write new moon affirmations 

In order to make your own list of affirmations, you have to ask yourself two questions, what are you thankful for? and what do you want in life? 

It could be love, a relationship, happiness, spiritual growth, financial support, wealth, a job, a car, a house, or anything. 

So, here’re few steps to write affirmations. 

Step 1: Write a list of things you are grateful for.

Step 2: Write a list of things you want in life.

Step 3: Now make a conscious positive sentence around each thing you’re grateful for. 

For example,

  • I am grateful for being alive today 
  • I am thankful for having a lovely supportive family

Here, you can make affirmations to express thanks to the moon.

Step 4: Similarly, make positive sentences in the present tense around each thing you want in near future.

First, visualize yourself in possession of your dream and then write affirmations using positive words. 

Try to avoid words such as I want, I need, instead use I am, I have, I own. 

For example,

  1. I am living a luxurious life
  2. I am attracting my soulmate
  3. I own XYZ car 

This way, make a list of 5-10 affirmations for a new moon, and remember each one.

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How To Practice New Moon Affirmations

On a new moon day, the moon and sun have the same ecliptic longitude. So, the best time to practice affirmations is when the moon aligns between earth and the sun, known as the solar eclipse, which lasts approximately 4 hours.

Follow the subsequent steps for practicing new moon affirmations. 

  1. Remember your chosen affirmations.
  2. Move into a quiet room where no one can disturb you.
  3. Prepare a comfortable seat to meditate and affirm.
  4. Sit in a comfortable stable posture and close your eyes.
  5. Take few deep breaths.
  6. Now start uttering or reciting your chosen affirmations. As you affirm, visualize and feel as if it becomes your reality. 

Thus, practice this ritual once during the solar eclipse time and once at night before going to sleep.

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I think meditation is the most powerful and effective way to use affirmations because it helps to quieten your mind and allows you to focus on one thing.

That’s it for today.

I hope all your wishes come true and you live a blissful dream life.

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