65 Divine Feminine Affirmations

Whoever said femininity is all about external appearance has not understood the spiritual aspects of femininity.

The qualities of divine femininity are compassion, love, forgiveness, heart-centered, peace, patience, high intuition, accepting, collaborative, sensual, kind, gentle, etc.

Mostly, these traits are dominant in females compared to males. That’s why the females represent the divine feminine or feminine energy.

However, this feminine energy is present in every human being in different proportions. Men can also be kind, gentle, forgiving, or compassionate. Isn’t it?

Although, we all should cultivate feminine qualities to some extent in our lives for our well-being and the well-being of the world. The more we foster them, the better our life will be.

So, today in this article, I will give you the divine feminine affirmations and the goddess affirmations, which will connect you with the divine feminine and increase your feminine energy in the awakened state.

Divine Feminine Affirmations 

  1. I am a divine beauty
  2. I love being a woman
  3. I am proud of my feminine energy 
  4. I become a more feminine lady every day
  5. I reap the benefits of femininity on a daily basis 
  6. I am expressing my femininity in beautiful ways
  7. I become more naturally beautiful every single day
  8. I become more confident every single day 
  9. I attract masculine mates who love my femininity
  10. I trust and follow my intuition
  11. I love everyone unconditionally
  12. I am always ready to give and receive love
  13. I experience and create more joy in my life
  14. I am a peaceful and joyful divine feminine
  15. I am grateful for who I am
  16. I value my beautiful feminine body
  17. I am more than enough and love being me
  18. I am embracing the best version of myself right now
  19. I accept whatever life offers me
  20. Life loves me, and I love my life
  21. My heart is kind, and my mind is pure
  22. I feel compassion for every living being
  23. Everything I deserve is coming to me in perfect ways
  24. I am finally healed by the divine feminine energy
  25. I am resilient, I am powerful, I am capable
  26. I am loving and accepting of who I am 

Affirmations To Awaken Feminine Energy

  1. I am full of the divine feminine energy
  2. The divine feminine energy is overflowing within me
  3. My energy is sacred
  4. I am powerful in my feminine energy 
  5. I am allowing goodness to flow through me to me
  6. My feminine energy is healthy and balance 
  7. I love my feminine energy 
  8. I am aware of my femininity 
  9. I love being feminine 
  10. I am proud of my femininity 
  11. I respect and honor my femininity 
  12. I am a unique expression of my femininity and I am beautiful in my own way 
  13. My feminine energy is exquisite 
  14. I am surrendering my ego to the divine feminine energy
  15. I am a lover of my life 
  16. I feel safe, protected, and secured
  17. I am living in gentle balance with all life
  18. I am allowing myself to give and receive pleasure 
  19. I am celebrating my divine feminine energy
  20. I am enjoying my sacred sexual energy 
  21. I am allowing my creative energy to flow freely 
  22. I am speaking with kindness and gentleness 
  23. I am thinking with love and compassion 
  24. I am living in loving harmony with everyone I know
  25. My feminine energy is a blessing for all those around me
  26. I am feminine and beautiful 
  27. I can access the infinite source of feminine energy

Goddess Affirmations 

  1. I am pure, I am holy
  2. My feminine energy is sacred
  3. I am the embodiment of the divine
  4. I see divinity everywhere
  5. I have goddess energy within me
  6. I am allowing my inner goddess to shine 
  7. I am a queen of this divine creation 
  8. I am a representative of the divine goddess
  9. I deserve to awaken the divine power within me
  10. The divine goddess always guides me 
  11. I can see beyond the veils of physicality
  12. I am a beautiful, powerful expression of the holy goddess

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Remember some of these affirmations and repeat them once in the morning and once before going to bed.

This practice will gradually awaken the femininity within you, and soon you will find positive changes within yourself. 

How To Use Affirmations Most Effectively

Follow the following steps to make your affirmation practice most effective and efficient.

Step 1. Meditate

Meditation helps to declutter your mind from external objects and make your mind peaceful so that you can focus more on the affirmations and reap maximum benefits out of your practice.

Step for meditation:

  1. Isolate yourself in a quiet room 
  2. Sit in a comfortable position with back straight 
  3. Close your eyes
  4. Slowly take a deep breath in and release (do this 5 times)
  5. Follow step no.2

(Moreover, practicing meditation regularly will also improve your physical, mental, and emotional health)

Step 2. Affirm, Visualize, and Feel

Once you become peaceful by breathing in and out, start affirming your chosen affirmations one by one. You can either utter them or recite them in your mind. 

As you affirm, create a picture of it in your mind or visualize yourself as you always want to be – powerful, confident, loving feminine. 

Moreover, cultivate the corresponding emotion as you affirm because emotion is an energy that can attract similar energy from the universe and influences your subconscious mind (beliefs) – from where the outer changes take place. 

Hence, in affirmations three ingredients are necessary.

  • Concise choice of the positive statements (affirmations)
  • Visualization
  • And the corresponding feeling

That’s how you should use feminine affirmations to reap maximum benefits. 

Note: At your first attempt, you may fail to apply everything at once. But, as said, practice makes a man perfect. 

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Step 3. Act As If 

During the rest of your day, try to live what you were saying in affirmations. 

Know that, feel that you are a beautiful, loving, kind, powerful divine feminine.

The reason for doing this is because what you think, believe, and feel, you become. In other words, where you pay your attention most, energy flows there, and where the energy flows that thing started manifesting in your life. 

Ok, that’s it for today.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and you will use the affirmations mentioned above to grow your inner feminine beauty.

If you have any thoughts or ideas to share, feel free to comment below.

Thank you.

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