21 Monday Affirmations For Work Motivation & Positive Start

We all like weekends and eagerly want these days to come. 

But, the truth is, the more we yearn for the weekend, the sadder we’ll be once it’s over. Isn’t it?

I know weekends are amazing and other days are boring for most people, but it is possible to live in a work-life balance; It is possible to make your workday positive and full of inspiration. It just takes shifting your perception. 

Remember, time is moving forward; Friday after Saturday and Sunday after Monday will come for sure. So why do we dwell on the past & future and make ourselves miserable (Sunday scaries), wishing against which is inevitable – the end of weekends. 

Personally speaking, I consider Monday as a fresh start, a new opportunity. I meditate in the morning and use affirmations to embrace Monday for the joyous beginning of a new week.

So, for you, In this article, I have listed 21 Monday Affirmations that I personally use, and you too can use them to start a new week with positive intentions and for inspiration in work.

21 Powerful Monday Affirmations For Motivation & Positivity

  1. I am grateful for the day I am living 
  2. I am grateful to be alive
  3. I am strong, healthy, and fit 
  4. My life is abundant and successful 
  5. I am here to grow and shine 
  6. I am happy and content with my life
  7. I am open to new opportunities 
  8. I’m so excited to start this new week
  9. I am optimistic for a new beginning
  10. I am bold, I am confident, I am fearless
  11. I am ready to face new challenges
  12. Nothing can stand on my way
  13. I am passionate about my vocation
  14. I enjoy working with my boss & colleagues
  15. I am honest, loyal, and trustworthy to my company 
  16. I give my best in everything I do
  17. I see more prosperity coming into my life this week
  18. I see more love and joy coming into my life this week
  19. I see more abundance coming into my life this week
  20. I have all I need to make today a great day
  21. I promise myself to grow and prosper this week

Use these Monday Affirmations in the morning to cultivate a positive mindset and feelings for the beginning of a new week. 

However, you can use them for days other than Monday as well. 

In order to use affirmation effectively, try to visualize what you are affirming and add the corresponding feeling. (Read further to know more)

Moreover, If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, follow the following affirmations to build a successful team and motivate your team member on Monday. 

12 Monday Affirmation For A Successful Team

  1. You can accomplish anything 
  2. You have the power to achieve what you want
  3. You are an expert in your field
  4. You are creative and intelligent 
  5. You are efficient and productive
  6. You can face any challenges 
  7. You are a hero of this company
  8. You see failure as an opportunity 
  9. You deserve to be rich
  10. You are committed to your goals 
  11. You can accomplish your goals
  12. You will accomplish your goals 

If your team has been demotivated or outperforming, use these affirmations to motivate it and create a positive environment in a company, especially on Monday. 

Monday Affirmation Images

How To Use Affirmations Effectively

Affirmations are positive statements, which can be used to overcome negative thoughts and self-sabotaging beliefs.

When you repeat the affirmations daily, it reprograms your subconscious mind, implants dominating thought in your mind, and creates a burning obsession for thing you want or want to change in life. 

With affirmations, three ingredients are necessary,

  1. The conscious choice of positive words
  2. Clear visualization
  3. And corresponding feeling

So, to maximize the effect of affirmations, As you affirm visualize and feel yourself already in that situation, you are aspiring to. 

For example, when you repeat the affirmation, “I see more prosperity coming into my life this week,” try to visualize and feel yourself in that particular situation of abundance. 

In the beginning, It is possible that your visualization will be vague, and your feeling will dry. But, as you practice, these faculties will grow. 

That’s it for today.

I hope you feel inspired and ready to start your new week boldly with enthusiasm and confidence.

If so, let me know in the comment section, and don’t forget to share this Monday motivational affirmations with others. 

All the best.

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