12 Best Guided Morning Meditation For Gratitude And Instant Positivity

One of the best practices which you can follow after getting up from bed is “Meditation.” 

Nowadays, Meditation becomes increasingly popular to reduce psychological stress and anxiety. Also, it improves our physical, mental, and emotional health. 

I have been practicing Meditation for the last 5 years, and honestly, it has changed my life by forming a perfect balance of my body, mind, emotions, and energy. 

I have seen people who can’t balance their work and life and stay envious and frustrated from Morning till the end of the day. 

They start their day with worries, resentment, and anger and repeat these negative feelings all day, making them stressed out. By the way, I was the same before Meditation came into my life.

To start your day with positivity, Gratitude, and contentment, you should practice Meditation in the Morning. Once you do this regularly, it will make a huge difference in the quality of your living. You will live a positive and optimistic life and also spread good qualities among other people too. 

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So for your practice, I have listed 12 Best Guided Morning Meditations For instant Positivity and Gratitude to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit with positive energy so your day can go well. 

You should Meditate early in the morning by sitting comfortably on the floor or chair. Also, use a cushion for a more comfortable seat and perfect body posture. 

Remember, don’t meditate lying on the bed or floor because these meditations contain relaxing speech and music that may fall you asleep. 

So without further ado, Let’s dive in. 

1) Guided Morning Meditation For Positivity

Length: 5 min. 

Voice: Female

Artist: Zensus (It’s a YouTube channel containing guided Meditation and relaxing music videos)

Meditation Theme: Visualization and mindfulness

If you want a quick meditation session just after getting up from bed, this 5 minutes morning meditation with soothing music is perfect for you. 

In this, you will be visualized that how you will spend your day and what would be your routine. Also, you will be guided to develop an awareness of your body and release the tension from your body parts. 

Thus, after doing this Meditation, you will feel deep peace and high positive energy. 

2) Morning Gratitude Meditation Guided By Bob Baker

Length: 12 min.

Voice: Male

Artist: Bob Baker (He has a YouTube channel full of guided meditations, affirmations, and inspirational videos)

Meditation Theme: Gratitude

Let’s, Develop a positive attitude with Gratitude.

In this 12 minutes Gratitude Meditation, Bob will guide how to express Gratitude about what you are and what you have with his confident voice. 

He will make you thankful for your senses, for your body, for people who support you, for life that takes you here, for skills and experiences which you have gathered. 

Also, you will feel more relaxed and positive with pleasant ambient music composed by Bob himself. 

So, let make a positive attitude with Gratitude. 

3) Guided Morning Meditation for Positive Energy

Length: 10 min.

Voice: Female

Artist: Meditation Mountain (It’s a YouTube channel for meditation and visualization practices)

Meditation Theme: Visualization 

This Meditation will help you to plan your day with a positive outlook. 

You will be asked to picture your day as productive, joyful, and fulfilled. Also, visualize yourself as peaceful, joyful, motivated, and more connected with others. 

Thus, you will feel stimulated and create a positive day for yourself as well as for others. 

4) Guided Meditation For Powerful Positivity

Length: 12 min.

Voice: Female

Artist: Boho Beautiful Yoga

Meditation Theme: Visualization and Mantra Repetition 

It’s the best morning meditation to bring a power of positivity. 

In this Meditation, you are asked to take a deep breath to inhale peace, love, and kindness for yourself and to let go of all negative energy breathing out your worries, fears, and tension. 

Also, you will be taken into an imagination of radiant energy lite passing your heart and body, which makes you confident, strong, and powerful. Then you are suggested to repeat a mantra, “I am powerful, I’m worthy, and I’m grateful for all that I am.” 

When you complete this Meditation, you are ready to follow your day with positivity. 

5) Guided Morning Meditation for Gratitude

Length: 10 min.

Voice: Male

Artist: Declutter The Mind (DTM is a meditation app for daily guided practices)

Meditation Theme: Gratitude 

If you like guided Meditation with clean instructions and without any background music or sound, then this gratitude meditation from Declutter The Mind is perfect for your practice.

In this, you will be invited to be grateful for this day, for your body, for your mind, and for everything that you will experience today. Also, you will be allowed to craft your own affirmations with whatever comes to your mind. 

6) Guided Mindfulness and Visualization Practice

Length: 15 min.

Voice: Male

Artist: Declutter The Mind (Meditation app and YouTube channel)

Meditation Theme: Visualization and Mindfulness 

Again, it’s a simple meditation practice with no background music from Declutter The Mind. 

In this positive visualization process, you will see yourself making meaningful connections with others, see yourself accomplishing all tasks, see yourself doing every task today with a big smile on your face. 

Also, you will be asked what do you want to happen today? What do you want to get done today? What do you want to accomplish? What will you not be doing? and remembered those days when you were so happy. 

7) Morning Guided Meditation, Positive Ways to Start Your Day

Length: 23 min.

Voice: Male

Artist: Jason Stephenson (He has a YouTube channel full of guided meditations and sleep meditation music videos)

Meditation Theme: Mindfulness and Visualization (Without music)

This Meditation will gently guide you into a natural embrace of the day ahead. 

Jason will take you through some mindful breathing and body awareness exercises, which are excellent for stopping the mind’s chattering. Then he will guide you with affirmations to bring positivity and confidence to your day. Also he will ask to structure your dream day with a positive outlook. 

8) Morning Meditation To Start Your Day Well – By Jason Stephenson

Length: 10 min.

Voice: Male

Artist: Jason Stephenson (He has a YouTube channel full of guided meditations and sleep meditation music videos)

Meditation Theme: Breathing and Visualization (with ambient music)

This 10 minutes Guided Meditation from Jason will set positive intentions to start your day with positivity.

In the beginning, Jason will guide you for deep breathing exercises to release physical and mental tension. Then you will be asked to set an intention for your day to continue your day with courage and confidence or with love and compassion for people you interact with or with feelings of center and grounded to your being or anything. 

Then Jason will drive you throughout the day to settle this intention in your dream day. Thus this practice will develop a positive attitude in you for the rest of the day. Additionally, relaxing background music will keep you calm and fresh. 

9) Guided Mindfulness Meditation for the Morning

Length: 15 min.

Voice: Male

Artist: MindfulPeace (It’s a YouTube channel for Meditation and Mindfulness)

Meditation Theme: Positive self-talking

This meditation session is guided by a soft male voice with soothing ambient music and will help you to feel positive and uplifted with a sense of calm and centredness throughout your day.

You will be asked to repeat I embrace today. I am aware of my energy, I’m aware of the energy around me, I remain calm, and I’m at peace; these five affirmations bring positivity to your mind, body, and rest of your day. 

10) Gratitude Affirmations Practice

Length: 8 min.

Voice: Female

Artist: Sera Raymond (She has a The Mindful Movement YouTube channel about inner peace, positive mindset, and self-healing)

Meditation Theme: Gratitude Affirmations

Sara will walk you through a list of things and cover almost every aspect for which you should express your Gratitude. 

In this gratitude meditation, you are called to be thankful for this beautiful day, for your health, for your past experiences, for the sun-air-water you have access to, for your relationships, or your strong body, for your home, for abundance in your life, for your willingness to grow and vulnerability need to do so, for the choices you have in your life, etc. 

11) Guided Breathing Meditation for Deep Relaxation and Inner Stillness

Length: 16 min

Voice: Female

Artist: Caroline McCready

Meditation Theme: Progressive Relaxation 

If you find it hard to control anxiety and stress before getting up in the Morning, this Meditation with soothing music guided by caroline is perfect for you to practice. 

It will bring mental stillness, peace, and positivity to your day. 

In this, she will give you breathing and visualization practice to relax your whole body and find a deep state of relaxation. 

12) Morning Music Meditation for Positive Energy 

Length: 60 min.

Voice: Only Music

Artist: Mind Valley 

Meditation Theme: Progressive Relaxation

If you like relaxing music, then this tack is for you. Whenever you need a space for tranquillity and positivity, you can listen to this ambient music. 

From sunrises to the fractals of the forest, from cool running waters to awakening wolves, this music track was composed to be accompanied by our natural visuals that you can gently gaze at the digital screen while listening to this soothing music.

These were my best picks of Morning Meditation for positivity and Gratitude. 

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However, you can listen to any of these meditations at any time throughout your day. It may give you a positive mood on a busy day, so try it and share your experience in the comment section. 

If you find more enticing morning meditations compare to mine, then don’t forget to share with me.

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