Guided Morning Meditation Script For Gratitude And Positivity (With FREE PDF)

Hey, I’m Meet Patel

And I am glad to offer you this special Guided Morning Meditation Script.

You can use this copyright-free Meditation script to lead a meditation class or for self-practice. (Go bottom to download this script in PDF)

The theme of this meditation is Gratitude and Mindfulness and it may take 12-15 minutes to complete at a slow pace.

Note: The sign ……. represents a pause of 2-3 seconds.

Guided Morning Meditation Script

Welcome to this guided morning meditation.

One of the best ways to start your day with a positive attitude is to be grateful for everything you have right now. 

Well, you can aspire to get more love… health… wealth… abundance.. and…. can attract things that you want in life. 

But for now, at this moment, you can fully appreciate what is already given to you, things that you already have in life. 

This grateful attitude is a foundation upon which more goods can come into your life.

So let’s make an attitude of gratitude before we start this meditation.

Let’s set a tone and prepare yourself for a day – you are going to live today.

Now, Put yourself in a comfortable position where you can focus well on this meditation. 

Wake up your body and mind by stretching your legs…. stretching your hands…. rolling your head…. rolling your shoulders… and tightening your chest…

Now, gently take a deep breath in……….and out………

Again deeply Breath in……….and out………..

Practice this breathing exercise mindfully for 1 minute and make your mind calm and pure.

[Break – 1 min.]

So, What’s good in your life?  

Bring a picture of what you are truly grateful for……

Let’s start from aspects of you.

Be grateful that you are alive…….

Be grateful for your sense of sight……sense of hearing…..sense of smell….touch…..and taste……..

What else are you grateful for?

Consider your parents…. your family members…. your friends…. and your society to express your gratitude……

Now think about some handful of people that you are truly grateful are in your life……

Be grateful to them for the happy moments they had given to you….. for things that you learned for them…. for things they have given to you…. 

Now, think about the earth on which you live in…. The air that you breathe in and out…. The water you drink every few hours….. The fire that heats your food also digests your meal….. The light through which you can see this world….

Are you feel protected here….. Relaxed here….. Comfortable and Blessed here….

So, take a moment and be grateful for your surroundings……. And the environment that you are in right now.

Now think about what you are doing for your livelihood.

Are you doing a job or a business to generate income?

No matter you like it or not, just consider its benefits. 

How your profession is serving you and your family.

So, be thankful to your vocation….. The job you have or the business you are running… 

And perhaps the income and the security that it brings in your life and the lives of your family members. 

Now, acknowledge your talents, strengths, and personality, which make you unique apart from others……

Think and embrace those aspects about yourself that you truly love.

And feel a true deep sense of gratitude for the skills you have…… the talents you have or are either interested in……

Just be here for a minute with your sense of thankfulness, acceptance, and appreciation. 

[Break – 30 sec.]

As you breathe, let your gratitude go deeper and deeper within your heart.

[Break – 30 sec.]

Take a couple of deep breaths in….. and out…. And let the gratitude wash over you……

Ask yourself, Are you not truly blessed right now at this moment? Are you not feel protected at this moment?

You are alive – what else could be greater than that?

So, inhale that blessing deep…… and as you exhale, feel gratitude for it…….

Again, deep Breathe in……. and out…….

One more time, Breathe in……. and out………

Now, say these to yourself.

I am healthy……I am wealthy…. I am successful

Love and compassion are my inherent qualities. 

I am open to giving and receiving LOVE.

I am grateful for everything I have in my life.

All powers are within me………. I can achieve what I want.

I have taken charge of my life.

I am responsible for what I am and where I am right now.

I believe in taking action.

I love helping others.

I trust inner guidance…. I trust the universe. 

I am grateful for being here in this world.

I am grateful for the unique qualities I have….. The experiences I have… The gifts and skills I have. 


Now, I want you to be thankful for the life that has brought you to this moment. 

Take a minute and express your gratitude from the bottom of your heart. 

[Break – 1 min.]

Now, move your attention to the different parts of your body and feel sensations happening in them.

Start from the top of your head and notice what you are experiencing… then mentally observe your face…. Neck…. Right hand…. Left hand….. Chest…… belly….. Hips…. Right leg….. Left leg…. And finally your feet.

Are you feeling good?

Can you sense the inner stillness….. Calmness?

Feel that, sense that, and know that right now.

[Break – 30 sec.]

Feels good, right?

You can take this experience with you and let it be your companion throughout this day.

Remember, This unique one-of-a-kind day will never come back in your life….. So, make your today productive….. Fruitful….. Enjoyable and very special.

Promise yourself that you will live this day with joy and positivity.

Now, go forth and have an awesome day.

Thank you.

>>> Download Morning Meditation Script In PDF <<<

Use this meditation script to start your day with gratitude and positive intentions.

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By practicing meditation daily, you can improve your overall well-being and be a better person.

According to several scientific studies, It has been proved that meditation helps to reduce mental stress, anxiety, and depression and fosters physical, mental, and emotional health in practitioners.

So, cultivate the habit of meditation and make your life awesome.

Thank you. 

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