10 Best Meditation and Mindfulness Videos For Kids

Meditation and Mindfulness are becoming increasingly popular in the last few years due to their beneficial effects on overall well-being. 

Big companies like Google, Nike, Linkedin, and Yahoo spend huge dollars every year to teach meditation to their employees. 

I have been practicing meditation for 5 years, which has benefited me more than I ever thought of it. 

Also, It is scientifically proven that meditation and Mindfulness reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and improve emotional health, brain functioning, and physical health. 

If meditation is providing these many benefits, then why don’t we teach meditation to kids. I believe that every child should be taught meditation or Mindfulness by their school teachers or parents. 

If we learn meditation and teach meditation to our kids, then the whole world could be changed completely. Forget about the whole world. At least your and your kid’s life will be changed for sure. 

Here I have listed 10 best meditation videos for kids, so as a parent or teacher, you can teach these meditations to kids anytime between early morning to before sleep. 

In this post, I have combined videos of morning meditationssleep meditationsmusic meditation, and mindfulness meditation for kids so you can get everything from one place only.

Best Morning Guided Meditation Videos for kids

1) Morning Meditation for Kids To Feel POSITIVE

Length: 10 min.

Voice: Female

YouTube Channel: Happy Minds – Sleep Meditation & Bedtime Stories

Theme: Visualization 

This 10 minutes morning meditation will bring confidence, focus, and positivity into kids. 

Kids can practice it just after getting up from bed, or parents can gently play this meditation to wake up their kids. It will fill them with positive energy and set a good mood from the morning. 

It starts from mindful breathing activities along with soothing background music, which will stop the chattering of the mind and make it relax and peaceful. 

Then some guided visualization instructions will be given to kids so that their minds can become positive, focused, and open for abundance.

2) Meditation With Positive Affirmations For Kids

Length: 6 min.

Voice: Female

YouTube Channel: pure star kids

Theme: Affirming

Repeating affirmations is a powerful technique to reprogram our subconscious mind. It beaks our negative beliefs and transplants them with positive ones. 

If you want to bring positive changes into your kids’ brains, then this guided meditation is for you. 

It contains short affirmations like I’m kind, I’m creative, I’m unique, I’m loved, I’m brave, I believe in myself, I learn from my mistakes, I care about others, I am smart, I’m enough, etc. with relaxing music that makes it easy to perceive for children.

3) Guided Space Tour Meditation for Kids

Length: 18 min.

Voice: Female

YouTube Channel: New Horizon – Meditation and Sleep Stories

Theme: Visualization

It’s always interesting for kids to explore celestial planets and stars, so in this meditation, they will be taken on a journey to the moon in a spaceship. 

This guided imaginary meditation is an unusual practice to make your child relaxed, creative, and open to new imagination. 

Also, It is intended to make the child feel safe and establish feelings of tranquility when the child faces the emotions of stress, worry & anxiety.

So, let their imagination go into space and let them enjoy the journey of the moon.

Best Mindfulness Guided Meditation Videos for kids

4) Body Scan Guided Meditation For Kids (Highly Recommended)

Length: 10 min.

Voice: Female

YouTube Channel: New Horizon

Theme: Mindfulness 

It is scientifically proven that Mindfulness helps to improve creativity, concentration, immunity, and sleep quality. So, If you want tech mindfulness for kids, then this body scan meditation is a perfect choice.

It will progressively guide kids to metally observe body parts from head to feet and perceive the sensations happening onto that part. Thus, kids will cultivate Mindfulness that helps them develop better cognition and overall well-being. 

I highly recommend parents and teachers to teach this meditation to kids who can sit quietly for 10 minutes. 

5) Mindfulness Meditation for Kids

Length: 12 min.

Voice: Female

YouTube Channel: New Horizon (Meditation & Sleep Stories YouTube channel)

Theme: Mindfulness 

Mindful breathing practice reduces the quarreling of thoughts and gives some headspace. Also, It is proven that our breath is directly connected to our mind, and conscious breathing can reduce or stop the flow of thinking. 

In this mindfulness meditation, kids will develop the awareness of breathing by mentally observing the breath coming in and out, chest rising and falling, and sensations happening in the body. 

I will highly recommend this meditation for kids who can sit for at least 10 minutes. 

6) Short Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Kids 

Length: 5 min.

Voice: Female

Artist: Alyssa Raynolds from Flaxseeds & Fairytales YouTube channel

Theme: Mindfulness 

This meditation is just 5 minutes long and has calming music in the background, and It’s perfect for kids who can’t meditate too long. 

In this mindfulness meditation, Alyssa will guide kids to take deep breaths in from noise and out from a mouth. This technique is effective in reducing stress, anxiety, or worry and creating space for calmness. 

Best Music Meditation Videos for kids

7) Music Meditation For Children

Length: 6 min.

Voice: Music

YouTube Channel: Moovelee

Theme: Music Listening

If your child often gets tense, anxious, or angry, then this calming music meditation will alleviate those negative feelings. 

It comprises ambient music, which naturally allows kids to focus on breathing, makes them tranquil, and activates positive energy in their bodies. 

I request parents to give company to their kids while they practice this meditation. 

8) Relaxing Music For Children

Length: 60 min.

Voice: Music

YouTube Channel: KIDZEN – Music For Kids

Theme: Music listening

This piano music track is so soothing that anyone will feel relaxed and happy by hearing it. 

This 60 minutes long track can be used to wake up kids or give them asleep. Also, it could be used to make them meditate in the morning or evening time.

Best Sleep Meditation Videos for Kids

9) Dream Clouds Sleep Meditation for Kids 

Length: 11 min.

Voice: Female

YouTube Channel: gozenonline

Theme: Visualization and Mindfulness

This visualization meditation will help kids to sleep faster. 

It starts with a short story and then mindful breathing practice, which initiates the child to fall asleep. Also, this meditation promotes Mindfulness of body parts and visualization techniques to cease mental turbulence and create slumber. 

10) Relaxing Rambo Sleep Story for kids

Length: 74 min.

Voice: Female

YouTube Channel: New Horizon – Meditation & Sleep Stories

Theme: Storytelling

Every time when your child asks to listen to a new story, you can play any storytelling video from New Horizon. 

Here, this 74 minutes long video at bedtime tells a rainbow story to kids. It’s very engaging and has soft background music, which will easily put a child to sleep. 

By the way, New Horizon has a mobile app that offers meditations and sleeps stories for kids. (Download New Horizon App for iOS or Android)

These were the best meditation videos for kids that you can use for any purpose, from waking up the child from sleep to giving positive energy, to relaxing and releasing mental stress, to providing sound sleep.

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Give them a try one by one and choose videos that your child or student likes most; then, you can use them to practice daily. 

If you know or find any better videos than mine, then let me know in a comment. I will be happy to include them as well. 

Have fun and keep enjoying meditation.

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