9 Best Guided Meditation For Sleep And Insomnia Help

In today’s modern age, we have many facilities which were not possible before. However, with all assets in our hands, our internal health has been disturbed. 

That’s why a large group of people suffer from mental stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, sleep-related disorder, and blah blah. 

In order to find the cure for these problems, we have to look inward to our mind and body, not to someone or something. This is the first step of advancement, but how?

Many people know that meditation and mindfulness practices improve our mental health, emotional health, and overall well-being. Also, there are many scientific studies that prove that meditation helps to reduce mental chaos, insomnia symptoms and improve inner health. 

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To gain those benefits, we have a simple meditation called guided meditation, in which one listens and follows a series of guided meditation instructions in the form of recorded video or audio. 

Guided meditation is the simplest and easiest way to declutter your mind juggling from one thought to another and fade out negative emotions which hurt you. 

Here, we have listed 9 Best Guided Meditations to improve your sleep; these are optimally picked from YouTube to make you calm, relaxed, and conducive to good sleep. 

If you have a sleep disorder (insomnia) or you take a long time to fall asleep, then these guided meditations will bring slumber and provide restful sleep in a short while. 

We encourage you to practice sleep meditation comfortably lying down on the bed or floor because you are likely to fall asleep in between meditation. Also, Don’t practice it while driving a car or doing a certain activity that requires undivided attention. 

Best Guided Meditation For Sleep and Insomnia Help

1) Bedtime Meditation for Sleep and Anxiety

Duration: 15:09 min

Voice: Male

Artist: Bob Baker (He has a YouTube channel full of guided meditations, affirmations, and inspirational videos)

To download this in mp3, visit Amazon.

Meditation Theme: Breathing and Listening to pleasant music 

Benefits: Progressive Relaxation

In this meditation, Bob will lead you to some stretching exercises and breathing practice. His smooth and confident voice will make you forget your worries, anxiety, and stressful memories and bring your attention to meditation. With soothing background music, you may feel tension-free, relaxed, and peaceful. 

2) Deep Sleep Meditation to Calm an Overactive Mind

Duration: 61 min. 

Voice: Female

Artist: Sara Raymond from The Mindful Movement (Inner peace, self-healing, and positive mindset YouTube channel)

Meditation Theme: Mindfulness Relaxation

Benefits: Let go of overthinking, provide deep sleep, and cultivate mindfulness

Sara offers up this guided meditation to drift you into a deep sleep with the help of mindful instructions and calming music. It’s the perfect mindfulness meditation to let go of worries, anxiety, or negative thoughts before going to bed. 

In this, she emphasizes living in the present with the awareness of breathing and body sensations, also teaches how to create a space between you and your thoughts and let them come and go. 

3) Guided Sleep Meditation By Jason Stephenson

Duration: 180 min.

Voice: Male

Artist: Jason Stephenson (He has a YouTube channel full of Sleep Guided Meditation)

Meditation Theme: Storytelling and Affirmations

To download this in mp3, visit Amazon.

Benefits: Remove anxiety, induce positive vibrations, and initiate sleep.

This 3 hours long storytelling-guided meditation with relaxing music will make you free from stress and anxiety before bedtime and helps you fall asleep. It also includes affirmations that may influence the subconscious mind to bring positivity in life. 

Jason conducts this meditation slowly with a soft sound. First, he tells you to practice mindful breathing to stop chattering the mind, and then he will ride you to many places.

4) Guided Sleep Meditation To Relieve Anxiety, Stress And Pain

Duration: 30 min.

Voice: Male

Artist: The Honest Guys (It’s YouTube channel for Guided Meditation and Relaxation)

Meditation Theme: Progressive Relaxation

To download this in mp3, visit Amazon.

Benefits: Relieves Mental stress and anxiety, Helps with insomnia

This honest guy meditation creates a space for ease, alleviates mental turmoil, anxiety, and strain, and melts you in sleep with pleasing music.

Actually, it contains fewer instructions and more self-healing music, so if you like listening to soothing music before bed, then you should definitely try it. 

5) Deep Sleep Meditation For Stress Reduction And Fast Sleep

Duration: 120 min.

Voice: Female

Artist: Lauren Ostrowski Fenton (She has a YouTube channel full of guided meditations and self-help videos)

Meditation Theme: Mindfulness and music listening

To download this in mp3, visit Amazon.

Benefits: Puts you in asleep faster and deeper, cultivates mindfulness

Lauren has a gentle voice and will guide you to let go of your thoughts with unattached observation and understanding. She will cultivate mindfulness of thoughts and feelings to clear your mind for sleep. Also, she plants positive suggestions and promotes restorative natural healing, which alleviates stressful or anxious impressions from your mind. 

After directing you towards deep sleep, Lauren will leave you with relaxing and healing music that allows deep relaxation.  

6) Peaceful Music Meditation For Instant Sleep And Deep Relaxation

Duration: 60 min.

Voice: Only Music

Artist: Meditation And Healing

To download this in mp3, visit Amazon.

Meditation Theme: Musical healing

Benefits: Initiates deep sleep, Produces peace and relaxation

It contains soothing music for a quick sleep, composed with beautiful piano and other musical instruments. It will cut off stressful thoughts and feelings of insecurity and provide relief from stress and anxiety. 

Also, this pleasant music has a healing power that creates a space of tranquility and ease in mind.

7) Yoga Nidra – Guided Meditation for Sleep & Relaxation

Duration: 49 min. 

Voice: Male

Artist: Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (He is a spiritual master from India and he teaches an Art of Living)

Meditation Theme: Yoga Nidra

To download this in mp3, visit Amazon.

Benefits: Provide quality rest in a short while, Initiate slumber

Yoga Nidra means a yogic sleep, in which you consciously move your attention from head to feet and make your body restful. Regular practice of this will give a powerful rest to your body and mind compared to a power nap or sleep. 

Sri Sri Ravi Shanker is an enlightened master spreading his spiritual wisdom all over the world. He has introduced Sudarshan Kriya and many other practices to bring a certain balance within ourselves. 

8) Guided Yoga Nidra Meditation For Sleep And Deep Relaxation

Duration: 26 min.

Voice: Female

Artist: Yoga Nidra Guide 

Meditation Theme: Guided Yoga Nidra Practice, Mindfulness Practice

To download this in mp3, visit Amazon.

Benefits: Releases tension from the body and promotes sleep

This is another yoga Nidra practice in a female voice. 

As we have discussed, Yoga Nidra is a practice of moving attention to the different parts of the body. It’s a mindfulness practice of decluttering our minds from a fast-paced world to a relaxed Alpha state of mind.

It’s scientifically proven that yoga Nidra meditation helps to reduce stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and many other mental disorders. In our case, yoga Nidra releases negative thoughts and emotions to make us fall asleep. 

9) Guided Meditation For Deep Relaxation And Sleep 

Duration: 49 min. 

Voice: Female

Artist: Caroline McCready Meditation (She has a YouTube channel full of guided meditations)

Meditation Theme: Control Breathing

To download this in mp3, visit Amazon.

Benefits: Provide Deep Rest and Deep Sleep 

When you pay attention to breathing or control the breath, you naturally start becoming quiet and relaxed. Thus, this meditation gives full-body relaxation and a good night’s sleep. 

Caroline will guide you through breathing exercises with the sound of the ocean and soothing music. In this, caroline will guide you with a breathing practice for 20 min. And then you are being taken into a deep sleep with pleasant ocean music. 

These are the 9 Best Guided Meditation For Sleep which help you to declutter your mind from turmoil and give good rest. Also, it can be helpful to overcome insomnia. 

We request you to try all meditation one by one and then select your best and practice it every day. 

Have fun and keep enjoying meditation.

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