What To Think About While Meditating? (4 Simple Tips)

People are often confused about what to think about while on meditation or how to stop thinking while meditating. They are stuck in these two and find it difficult to progress. 

Meditation leads to a state where you are fully aware of thoughts going in your mind, and you are at some distance from the mind and observing those thoughts without indulging with. 

However, there are some meditation methods that allow conscious thinking, and in this article, we will discuss that.

The best part of thinking meditation is that we can shape our destiny with the help of conscious thinking. Maybe, you heard this quote “What we think, that we become.” You can use conscious thinking to achieve your goals. It can be a material object or personal fulfillment.

Here are 4 methods of thinking that you can use to meditate.

1) Recites Mantra

Mantra is a sacred word or phrase that you be chant loudly, whisper silently, or recite in your mind. This mantra meditation involves constant thinking and focusing on a mantra. 

You don’t need to find or understand the meaning of the mantra. Consider a mantra as a sound or specific type of energy. When you repeatedly recite, it may influence your body and mind it vanish others’ thoughts and feelings when you immerse yourself in it.

During the meditation, You need something to bind your mind from wandering. Contemplating on the mantra cleanses your consciousness from negativity and provides calmness, reduces stress and anxiety. It’s a good exercise for the mind to stay in the present moment that increases self-awareness so you would able to make better choices in life.

Some examples of mantras are Aum (Om), Aum Namah Shivay, Hare Krishna, So Ham, Om mani Padme hum, etc. It would be best if you try each mantra and then choose one of them. 

2) Visualize a picture of something

With your eyes closed, visualize or think of a picture of a deity, guru, or something that you want to achieve personally.

“Meditate, visualize and create your reality, and the universe will simply reflect you.” Amit Ray

You can meditate on a virtual image of a deity, and think about his divine personality, virtues, qualities, and observe him from head to feet. Think every single detail about him. This practice influences your personality and behavior to those divine virtues. 

You can use this visualization meditation for material benefits too. For example, if you want financial success in life. You can think about your material goals and visualize that you already possess them. Imagine your success within the specified time limit. 

Once you start doing this regularly, your subconscious mind may be influenced by these visualization techniques, give you ideas, and arrange things for you. 

This method is very well explained in the best-selling book Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill. In this, the author has given a method of visualization, according to that First define a finite goal: I want $100K to mark this goal on a place where you can see it multiple times. 

Every day think and visualize your goal and feel that you have already achieved this goal. Further, he has explained how to create an organized plan and team to attain your goal. 

The idea behind this visualization method is that when you meditate on something, your consciousness takes shape in that kind of energy and vibrations. This pattern attracts the mutual energy and vibration from the universe and influences your subconscious mind, which hand over you ideas and plans to attain your goals.

However, You have to perform the actions to achieve your targets, but with this, have access to invincible power. 

3) Self-help affirmations

In Today’s world, So much negativity is spread. People get habituated to think negatively, and that leads to stress, anxiety, sleep problems, anger, and hatred.

So, positive affirmations help provide someplace for positivity and reprogramming of the subconscious mind according to our requirements. 

It works the same as a visualization meditation, but here we give series of different instructions or think positive thoughts to reshape our brain for personal fulfilments. 

When you constantly fire positive thoughts, your brain believes in them and acts accordingly. 

For instance, You want to overcome stress, anxiety, and depression. So, Follow this positive affirmation.

  • I am a peaceful human being.
  • I have a joyful and fulfilled life.
  • I am the happiest person in the world.
  • Where ever I go, I spread happiness on other’s faces.
  • I am strong; I am healthy and fit.
  • No one can change my mood without my permission. 
  • I have remote control of my feeling and emotions.
  • I am super-resilient, Problems can’t shake me.
  • I fearlessly face my problems.
  • I am capable of handling my life on my own. 
  • Divine is with me; It always helps me to clear the fog.

Think and meditate on these positive affirmations every day for 5-10 minutes. It will definitely help you to overcome adverse situations.

4) Express Gratitude

Gratitude is a state of being grateful for your life and things you have got in life. You can think of some lines that express gratitude or a gratitude prayer during the meditation. 

I insist you to include this way of acknowledging at the beginning of meditation. There is no need to involve any traditional beliefs or practices, and instead, you can simply be grateful for being alive and having breath.

You can also express gratitude for people who brought you up, fed you, make you happy, give meaning to your life, were involved in your special moments, taught you something, handled you at bad times, played with you, etc. 

Pay attention to a positive aspect of life, and you will notice many things which reduce your efforts and give your life meanings deserve gratitude.

Thinking positive aspects and expressing gratitude provide mental and physical benefits. According to an article published by Healthline, Gratitude may provide mental health, boost immunity, improve relationships, and increase optimism. 

These are 4 powerful practices that you can think of in meditation. Try each one and then follow only one with which you could be most comfortable. 

In the beginning, It is possible that during the meditation, you can’t hold your conscious thoughts long enough and may get distracted by meaningless thinking and imaginations. 

However, this is totally normal. Accept them and don’t fight. When you become aware that my mind wanders away, gently bring it back onto a practice soon, you will see some results.

I hope this article would bring positive changes and help to enhance your meditation practice.

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